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Growing up Jack Gordon

A very young jack


A very young jack

Here's Jack at 2!  The picture was dated on the back "1923." Partially cropped, but embossed in the lower right corner is "Hartsook Photographers, Seattle."

A very young jack

The star of our site a year later. Someone wrote March 1924 on the back of this photo. It's also identified as 19th and Pine, Seattle.

Here's what this corner looks like now, almost 90 years later, courtesy of Google view

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St James School picture. This shouldn't be of a class because both James and Jack are in it and they were two years apart in age. That's Jack in the front (3rd from left with white shirt and dark tie) and James two boys to his left.


A couple of years later and we have St. James Grade School picture again with our Gordon boys being a bit older..

Jack Gordon is 2nd from left in the third (back) row. His older brother James is 7th from left in the 2nd row

Jack Gordon




O'Dea High School and the crowd that Jack Gordon hung around with. It's dated 1940 on the back. I have no idea who any of these guys were except for our star Jack who is front and center in a suit and tie, but with his trousers pulled up.










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