The Schedule of Events at the Century 21 World's Fair

The Post-Intelligencer, April 28, 1962

Peace Corps Pavilion Will Open At World's Fair Today

The Peace Corps Pavilion at the World's Fair will be opened at 1:30 p.m. today.

Parents of Peace Corps volunteers from the Seattle area will help with the opening ceremony in building No. 3 on the northwest corner of the fairgrounds.

Volunteers from Seattle-area colleges and universities will man the exhibit with coordination of the job through the Foundation for International Understanding through Students at the University of Washington.

The exhibit will display photographs showing volunteers in action in many lands, and a five-minute motion picture will be added in a few days.

The Post-Intelligencer, April 28, 1962

Public Invited by Navy to Attend Sunday Worship Services on Ships

The Navy has issued an invitation to the public to attend worship services on two ships at Pier 91 Sunday.

Aboard the heavy cruiser USS Helena Chaplain Charles R. Zimbelman will conduct Protestant services at 9:30 a.m. and the Rev. Arthur Earl, S.J., will celebrate mass at 11 a.m.

On the destroyer Parsons Father Earl will hold Mass at 9:30 a.m. and Chaplain William Bray will conduct Protestant services at 11.

There will be no other visitors aboard the Helena and the Parsons in the morning except those who have come to the services. General visiting will be open from 1 to 4 p.m.

The Seattle Times, May 10, 1962

World's Fair Notebook

Monorail to Begin Day's Runs at 8:45 Beginning Saturday

Beginning Saturday [May 12, 1962], the first Monorail train will leave the Westlake Mall terminal for the World's Fair at 8:45 o'clock each morning.

The change, Alweg, Inc., said, is being made to accommodate fair visitors who wish to enter the grounds at the new gate-opening time of 9 o'clock each morning.

Alweg operates the two Monorail trains between downtown Seattle and the fair.

The late-night schedule will be unchanged. The last train leaving the Westlake Mall will depart at 11:50 o'clock. The last train will leave the fairgrounds for downtown at 12:15 o'clock in the morning.

Both Monorail trains were in full service today after a four-hour shutdown for repairs yesterday afternoon.

The blue train had a broken drive-shaft pin. This caused maintenance crews to "work long and hard," Sixten Holmquist, president of Alweg, Inc., said. The red train had a flat tire.

INTERPRETER RELIEVED — Spectators were surprised in the France Pavilion last week-end when a Frenchman began speaking Russian to Gherman Titov, the Soviet cosmonaut.

The multilingual French exhibit official was Alexandre Koltchak, 29, deputy commissioner-general of the pavilion.

For several minutes during the tour, Koltchak relieved Titov's interpreter in polished Russian.

What Titov did not know was that Koltchak's grandfather — Admiral Alexandre Koltchak — was the last head of the White Russian government.

Admiral Koltchak was killed by the Communists in Siberia in 1920.

"I wonder what look Titov would have had on his face if he had known who his guide was," Koltchak said today.

DANCERS AUDITION—Fifty-five hopeful young dancers auditioned for scholarships with the San Francisco Ballet yesterday in the World's Fair Opera House.

Lew Christensen, choreographer, said it was the largest turnout ever for the annual auditions.

The scholarships are sponsored by the Ford Foundation.

Winners will be furnished transportation to San Francisco, a living allowance and dancing lessons with the ballet company for from one to three years.

The Seattle Times, May 11, 1962

Seattle To Get Another Hotel Ship

Another floating hotel is set for Seattle during the World's Fair.

The Acapulco, a 610-passenger Mexican cruise ship, will arrive on the waterfront May 30 for a stay of several months.

The 24,000-ton ship will provide first-class accommodations.

Fair officials said they do I not know at this time where ithe vessel will be berthed.

The announcement was made today by the fair and the Natumex Line (Naviera Touristica Mexicana).

The Post-Intelligencer, May 11, 1962

King County, Seattle Day Slated At Fair

Seattle and King County move into the World's Fair spotlight Friday with an hour long program of entertainment in the Fair stadium under the direction of Century 21 and Greater Seattle, Inc.

The show will be a highlight of Seattle-King County Day, the final day of the week honoring the State of Washington.

THE ENTERTAINMENT pageant will tell the story of rural and metropolitan participation in civic activities such as the 10-day Seattle Seafair.

Among the groups taking part will be: The Seattle High School All City Band; the Renton High School Band; the Seattle Police Drill Team; the Seafair Pirateers and the Seafair Pirates; the King County Sheriffs' Mounted Posse and horses and jockeys of the Washington Horse Breeders Industry.

Visiting mayors from King County communities will be welcomed by Mayor Gordon S. Clinton, and County Commissioners Robert Ford, Scott Wallace and Ed Munro.

Each mayor will receive an honorary Seafair scroll from Scafair Queen Linda Juel, King Neptune Walter F. Clark and Prime Minister Robert Ladd. Bill Sears is master of ceremonies.

The Seattle Times, May 11, 1962

Improvements Planned For Theme Exhibit

Immediate improvements are planned for the state-sponsored World of Tomorrow theme show at the Seattle World's Fair, The Times learned today.

The show has met a cool reception with some members of the State World's Fair Commission.

Some fairgoers have praised and others have criticized the presentation.

Some 12,000 to 15,000 persons a day have been viewing the show.

THE IMPROVEMENTS will center on better sound reproduction and a stronger script, a state official said.

Stern-Robinson Associates, New York, the show producer, will be asked to return to Seattle soon to help with the additional work.

"It must be kept in mind that this is an experimental show — using lots of new things that never have been tried before in an exhibit," the state official said.

"THERE ARE some flaws. Some beefing up is needed and we will request that these things be done."

"Visitor reaction generally has been good."

Directional signs also will be installed on the ground floor of the Washington State Coliseum pointing to waiting - loading areas for spectators under the cloud of aluminum cubes which houses the show.

In addition, some description of the show—what visitors will see—will be displayed on the faces of cubes in the waiting areas.

ALFRED STERN, one of the show producers, commented:

"Admittedly, we attempted to produce something which represents a radical departure from conventional exhibit techniques.

"The fact that the show seems controversial pleases me and is, I believe, good for all concerned. Steps forward and new techniques invariably are greeted with mixed reactions."

The Seattle Times, May 11, 1962

Breakfast To Be Served In Needle Restaurant

Now you can have breakfast in the eye of the Needle restaurant.

Space Needle officials today announced that breakfast will be available on a reserved basis beginning Monday.

Breakfast will be served at 8 o'clock. Diners may stay until 9:30 when crews begin preparing for luncheon.

Harry Mullikan, assistant vice president for Western Hotels, said the morning service is being offered because of great demand. Mullikan said arrangements for groups and individuals should be made at a special office in the Plaza of the Olympic Hotel.

Tickets will be made available each afternoon for the following morning's breakfast.

Breakfast will.be $3, plus $1 for the ride up the Needle.

The fair's south gate, in Broad Street, will open at 7:45 to accommodate breakfast patrons. Fair admission tickets must be presented there.

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