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Jack Gordon Honored at Century 21 World's Fair

Jack Gordon honored with a day at Seattle's Century 21, plus a kiss from vocalist Paula Bane

Times staff photo by Ron De Rosas

Vocalist Paula Bane  and Master of Ceremonies Jack Gordon
Kisses from pretty women were bonuses on Jack Gordon Day

The Seattle Times

 Imaginary Kentucky bluegrass hardly had been swept from the platform of the Plaza of the States yesterday. when visitors were treated to a surprise—Jack Gordon Day.

Dignitaries were on hand from the Deep South to represent Kentucky in the program at the World's Fair, and got their honors— yet Jack Gordon Day seemed to steal the show.

Gordon, master of ceremonies for the Plaza of States program, and public-relations director for Greater Seattle, Inc., gaped when the program in his honor-one of the best-kept secrets of the year—began. Victor Rosellini, restaurant-operator, read a proclamation from his cousin, the governor of Washington State, who designated yesterday Jack Gordon Day at the fair.

MAYOR CLINTON STEPPED to the microphone and said he wasn't going to PROCLAIM the day, he was simply going to SAY it was "Jack Gordon Day," and did.

The mayor thanked  Gordon for conceiving and coordinating the Plaza of States programs, then yielded the rostrum to Edward E. Carlson, World's Fair Commission chairman.

"You have the greatest wealth of all," Carlson told Gordon, "—thousands and thousands of friends." Gordon was speechless--for-once in his life after years of beating the air with oceans of words from the first troop transport arrival from Korea to Kentucky Day at the fair.

A fair album was presented Gordon, along with a certificate for a Hood Canal vacation for Gordon, his wife, Roberta, and their four children.

Jackie Souders' band played "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow."

Paula Bane, vocalist, planted a kiss on Gordon's cheek, starting a parade of caresses by secretaries from Seattle and Olympia, including Kay Macdonald, Erna Wahl and Carol Nylund.

TO KEEP GORDON on an even keel, friends and admirers took him to a luncheon at Rosellini's 610, where Mrs. Gordon—safe from shock of the smooching scene—waited for her honored husband and hosts.

Walter A. Van Camp, Greater Seattle managing director, presented Gordon another gift—a Seafair Skipper Pin.

Gordon told Supreme Court Justice Hugh J. Roseilini, a guest and not related to the other Rosellinis: "I take back all the mean things I was thinking about,you during your long speech on Kentucky Day."

Rosellini replied: "Then why didn't you furnish me with a shorter script?"

GORDON SAID HE HAD no suspicion a party was being arranged in his honor, but he had been aware of several Greater Seattle board meetings. "I knew something was going on,' Gordon said, "but, I figured something had gone haywire with the budget."


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