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Arkansas State Honor Day, April 29, 1962

Arkansas State Honor Day at Seattle's Century 21 World's Fair

Exclusive photo from Greater Seattle News Bureau.
Photo by Forde Photographers

The back of this photo says "Arkansas" and "Tom Martin, State Treasurer." It doesn't identify the second man, who sure looks like Al Rochester. However, according to what I can find (in 2017), the Arkansas State treasurer in 1962 was L. A. Clayton. (It does look like everyone was dressed for a late-April Seattle day, though.

According to one sheet attached to the Schedule of the Day (see below), official Arkansan visitors were: Mr. Lambert Dial, Chairman of the Arkansas Parks Commission, representing Governor Faubus; Bob Evans, Arkansas Publicity and Parks Commission; and Miss Frances Jane Anderson, Miss Arkansas.

Al Rochester was the official World's Fair representative at the Honor Day ceremony.


Arkansas State Plaque from the Century 21 Plaza of the States, Seattle

The printed information card that was mounted at the base of each state's flag pole.

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Sunday, April 29

Arkansas, Portland To Be Honored

Today is Arkansas Day and Portland Day at the Seattle World's Fair.

Both beauty and government will represent the state of Arkansas. Beauty: Frances Jane Anderson, who is Miss Arkansas and was runner-up in the 1961 Miss America Pageant. Government: State Sens. Merrill Peterson and Morrell Gathright; Lambert Dial, chairman, Arkansas Parks Commission, and Bob Evans, executive director, Arkansas Parks and Publicity Commissions.

The senators will hold a press conference at 10:45 a.m.

THEN AT 11:30 Arkansas will be honored the Plaza of States.

Honor guesrs and all Fair visitors from Arkansas will be greeted by Victor Rosellini, chairman of the day. The Arkansas flag will be raised by Senator Peterson and Washington's Lt. Gov. John Cherberg.

A salute to the state of Arkansas will be narrated by Richard Thomas. Cherberg and Fair President Joseph Gandy will speak and Senator Peterson will respond for Arkansas.

PORTLAND'S Mayor Terry Schrunk and Mrs. Schrunk will be guests of honor for Portland Day. The mayor will hold a press conference at 10:15 a.m., then he and his party will tour the Fairgrounds.

Seattle's Mayor Gordon S. Clinton will be host at a luncheon in Mayor Schrunk's honor in La Balcone Restaurant on the Fairgrounds.

The official Portland Day program will be held in the Opera House starting at 4 p.m. with a free concert by the Portland Junior Symphony | Orchestra conducted by Jacob Avshalomov. During intermission, Vilem Sokol, conductor of the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra, will present a certificate of merit to Avshamolov.

MAYOR CLINTON will present Mayor Schrunk with a sketch of the Fairgrounds by Seattle architect Victor Steinbrueck.

With Sweden Week starting tomorrow, there will be a Swedish language service in Gethsemane Lutheran Church at 4 p.m.

Visiting Swedish dignitaries will be honored at a reception in the Swedish Club at 8 p.m.

Arkansas State Day Commemorative Cover

The State of Arkansas was honored by the World's Fair Post Office on their State Day.


The day's schedule for the visitors from Arkansas.

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