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California's Gov. and Mrs. Brown enjoy Seattle hospitality
during the Century 21 World's Fair


Gov. and Mrs. Pat Brown at World's Fair, Seattle

exclusive photo from Greater Seattle News Bureau. Photo by Forde Photographers

California Governor Edmund (Pat) Brown and Mrs. Brown seem to be enjoying the World's Fair Trade Dollars presented to them by Leo Weisfield (left). Weisfield is Chairman of Governor Albert D Rosellini's Hospitality Committee. The Browns were in Seattle to celebrate California Honor Day in the Plaza of the States at the World's Fair on June 15.



CALIFORNIA DAY, JUNE 15, 1962, 11:30 AM

This fair is a magnificent achievement.

On behalf of all Californians, I congratulate Governor Rosellini, the State of Washington, and everyone in Seattle who worked so hard to bring it here and create it.

You have done a wonderful job.

And I want to thank all of you for the special honor you are showing California today. We are glad to be here and we will tell everyone in California to come to Seattle to see this fair.

As I flew up here yesterday over the great state of Oregon and your beautiful state, I was impressed once again with a thought I have had before.

There is a great geographical, economic and social unity of the Pacific Coast — a brotherhood and understanding of each other's problems and goals. And this unity is a source of strength and potential wealth which we have not yet begun to exploit.

We share the same historical roots in the westering movement that brought our early settlers to the rich valleys and waterways.

We share the same waters of the Pacific Ocean, linking us economically and culturally to the nations and trading areas of the Pacific world community.

Our forests run together in a chain that represents one of this nation's greatest resources.

We share the same urgent concern for developing and preserving our natural resources — water, land and minerals.

If you will excuse the reference, we even share the same Pacific fog on the rare occasions it makes an appearance on the coast.

And now here in this exposition dedicated to the 21st Century you have dramatized another shared area, one that links all of the world together — the space age.

Here you have brought together the symbols of our times and our future in a synthesis that is at once a beautiful and a daring prediction of the future.

The Space Needle, the five soaring arches, the exhibit halls — all of these point to the challenges and opportunities of the space age with which this generation is just now beginning to grope.

These challenges are enormously varied, complicated and exciting. In every field of science — medicine, physics, chemistry, biology — we see a glimpse of the era when man will be lifted to a new dominance over his physical environment. A world lies ahead free of disease, sickness and poverty.

They are dazzling sights.

And we applaud science, and our astronauts, John Glenn and Scott Carpenter, for their conquests.

Here, visitors from every state in the nation and from many nations of our free society.

Here, they will sense our national unity and purpose, symbolized in the works of our scientists, engineers, architects, artists, writers, and builders.

In creating this exposition of the 21st Century, you have given our country and the world the direction of that unity and purpose in the 20th Century.

It is a view both sobering and inspiring.

Sobering because to achieve the promise of the future, we must find the means for living in peace with nations everywhere.

Inspiring because you have lighted here in this beautiful plaza the torch of unity.

I join you in the prayer that this torch shall burn brightly for world unity and for the peace the world yearns for.


California State Plaque at the Plaza of the States, Seattle, 1962.

The printed information card that was mounted at the base of each state's flag pole.

California State Day Commemorative Cover

A souvenir cover cancelled on California State Honor Day at Century 21.


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