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Iowa State Honor Day, May 12, 1962

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Iowa State Honor Day, May 12, 1962


Iowa State Plaque from the Century 21 Plaza of the States, Seattle

The printed information card that was mounted at the base of each state's flag pole.

Governor's office seal


Iowa is one of the nation's richest farm states. It is known as the "land where the tall corn grows" and is often called the "Corn State." About one fourth of the top-grade farm land in the United States is in Iowa and the state produces about one tenth of the country's food supply each year. The black soil probably has a greater value than all the silver and gold mines in the entire world.

Iowa is not entirely a farming state. Factories in many towns and ciries process foods from the state's agricultural products. Cedar Rapids has the largest breakfast food mill in the world. Newton has the largest washing machine factory. Many insurance companies have headquarters in Des Moines. The state has the country's largest door and millwork factory and the manufacture of farm machinery is also an important industry.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Albert D. Rosellini, Governor of the State of Washington, do hereby designate May 12, 1962, as


and urge the people of Washington to extend their traditional warm hospitality to our many friends from the "Hoosier State" to the Seattle World's Fair.


Gov. Erbe telegram re acceptance to events

Remember Telegrams? Thin strips of printed paper glued to larger pieces of paper and quickly delivered by a messenger.

Iowa State Day Commemorative Cover

The Post Office saluted Iowa on their Honor Day, May 12, 1962, at the World's Fair .



Gov. Erbe Thanks Jack Gordon

Gov. Erbe's Administrative Assistant John Lewis wasted no time in thanking Jack on behalf of the governor.


Gov. Erbe Thanks Jack Gordon

Thank you letter from Iowa Governor Erbe to Plaza of the States Coordinator Jack Gordon.

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