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New Mexico Governor Mechem Visits Seattle World's Fair on July 14, 1962

exclusive photo from Greater Seattle News Bureau. Photo by Forde Photographers

New Mexico Governor Edwin L. Mechem (center) is "pinned" with a New Mexico Day sticker by World's Fair employee Mindy Kobbervig, as host Washington Governor Albert D. Rosellini looks on approvingly. It was New Mexico Honor Day at the Plaza of the States at the Seattle World's Fair on July 14.


exclusive photo from Greater Seattle News Bureau. Photo by Forde Photographers

Row of New Mexicans surround host Washington State Governor Albert D. Rosellini on stage behind the World's Fair Podium. And, yes, that's Bert Parks on the right end wearing a Seafair Skipper Pin. Parks was in town to headline a six-day run of Music Man at the Aqua Theatre on Green Lake for a Greater Seattle and Seafair spectacular.


exclusive photo from Greater Seattle News Bureau.
Photo by Forde Photographers

Here's Host Governor Albert D. Rosellini admiring some beautiful roses.

New Mexico State Plaque from the Century 21 Plaza of the States, Seattle

The printed information card that was mounted at the base of each state's flag pole.

New Mexico State Day Commemorative Cover

The State of New Mexico was honored by the World's Fair Post Office on their State Day.



New Mexico is called "the Land of Enchantment" because of the beauty of the land and the history of the people. The scenery varies from forested mountains in the north to great stretches of desert broken by mesas in the south.

Santa Fe, the present capitol, is the oldest seat of government in the United States. It was founded 10 years before the Pilgrims landed.

New Mexico leads the state in the production of uranium. The first atomic bomb was exploded in New Mexico. Missiles and other weapons are now tested at the White Sands Proving Grounds.

New Mexico also contributes to our total agricultural economy. Cattle and sheep graze on vast range lands. Cotton and hay are leading farm crops.

Every year thousands of tourists visit New Mexico to enjoy the rich variery of scenic beauty, the colorful Indian festivals, the uinderground formations of Carlsbad Caverns and ancient cliff dwellings.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Albert D. Rosellini, Governor of the State of Washington, do hereby designate July 14, 1962, as


and urge the people of Washington to extend their traditional warm hospitaliuty to our many friends from the "Land of Enchantment" at the Seattle World's Fair.




SEATTLE, July 14—It was New Mexico Day at the Seattle World's Fair today and the Plaza of States was alive with entertainment and celebrities.

Bert Parks, star of "Music Man" was there as was his leading lady, Barbara Williams.

On hand, too was Jimmy Rodgers, ballad singer with the Bob Hope show. And from Albuquerque, N. M., the Mariachi del Norte came to the festivities to entertain the crowd with Mexican songs and dances.

Gov. Edwin L. Mechem of New Mexico was an honored guest and was greeted by Washington State's Gov. Albert D. Rosellini.

The program opened with selections by Jackie Souders' World's Fair Band with Parks taking over as conductor. His clowning had the crowd laughing as the New Mexico ceremonies began.

Together Gov. Mechem and Gov. Rosellini raised the flag of the State of New Mexico to a place of honor in the Plaza and together kindled the Fire Font of Unity, symbol of strength and brotherhood between the states.

A narration of the history, resources, and scenic beauty of the Cactus State was given by Richard Thomas.

The Rev. A. J. Shaughnessy delivered the invocation and State Rep. Audley Mahaffey was chairman of the day.

Mechem, five times governor of New Mexico, and state governor with the longest tenure in office, was introduced by Gov. Rosellini and conveyed the good wishes of the citizens of his state. He invited all Washingtonians to visit the Science Fair at Albuquerque in the spring.

Parks joined with vocalist Paula Bane in a medley of patriotic songs.

Among the guests were Mrs, Torn Bolack, wife of the New Mexico Lt. governor and Dr. W. Randolph Lovelace III, Albuquerque.

Among those to greet the visiting New Mexicans were Mr. and Mrs. Leo Weisfield, Mr. and Edward Carlson, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Torrance and Mr. and Mrs. Mort Frayn.

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