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Pennsylvania State Honor Day, July 3, 1962

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Pennsylvania honored in Plaza of the States at Seattle World's Fair on July 3, 1962
Historic Documents placed on display at World's Fair

exclusive photo from Greater Seattle News Bureau. Photo by Forde Photographers

July 3, 1962, saw the Pennsylvania State Flag raised during its Honor Day Program.  This was Ron Drake (Harrisburg, Pa., radio personality) raising the flag, ably assisted by three members of Boy Scout Troop 345. The official Century 21 press release for the event (below) says Fair Chairman Eddie Carlson was representing host Washington Governor Albert D. Rosellini, who was in Pennsylvania at a National Governors' Conference.



SEATTLE, July 3 — The Seattle World's Fair was a scene of patriotism today as it saluted Pennsylvania Day and placed replicas of famous American documents in permanent memorial in the Plaza of the States.

Beginning with Catholic Bishop Thomas Gill's prayer, the historic replicas of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, flown from the National Archives in Washington D.C., were unveiled by Edward C. Carlson, Chairman of the Washington State World's Fair Commission, and Ray Olsen, Washington State Representative and Chairman of Pennsylvania Day.

Carlson said at the ceremony that this may very well be the most important day of the Fair.

"We are re-dedicating the purposes that made this country great," he said.

The documents are laid in a glass and marble case at the end of the Plaza of the States and will remain there as a "lasting heritage."

The ceremony of the documents took place as the Bill Sears Band played "Yankee Doodle" and the Seattle Knights of Columbus and the Marine Guard stood at attention., Dr. Max Morgan, president of the Greater Seattle Council of Churches, then gave a prayer for peace, divine blessing and unity.

The dedication party then moved up the Century 21 blue carpet to the platform to join Pennsylvania Day dignitaries in the salute to the Keystone State.

Among the special guests on the platform were the Francis Scott Key family of Seattle, which included Mr. and Mrs. Francis Scott Key, Mr. and Mrs, Francis Scott Key, Jr, and family; Francis Scott Key, III, and Carol Key, and Mrs* Charles Key and her family, Mr. and Mrs, Ed Howard and their children, Fred and Joanne. All are descendants of the author of the "Star Spangled Banner."

Plaza Coordinator Jack Gordon started off the proceedings followed by Paula Bane singing "Seattle Opens Its Heart to You."

Francis Scott Key raised the American flag and Rabbi Raphael Levine then gave the invocation.

After an introduction by Rep. Olsen, Gordon read the "Declaration of Man" by Roderic Marble Olzendam, which is sponsored by the Sons of the American Revolution, Washington State Society of Seattle,

Edward Carlson representing Gov. Albert D. Rosellini who is at the National Governors Conference in Hershey, Pa., and Ron Drake, Pennsylvania radio and television personality, representing Gov. David L. Lawrence of Pennsylvania who also is at the Conference, then rekindled the flame of unity and raised the Pennsylvania State flag.

The States of the Union flags which fly in the Plaza of the States were then raised one by one by Seattle Boy Scouts. Richard Thomas gave a salute to Pennsylvania speaking of its glorious achievements from William Penn to the Gettysburg Address to now.

Joseph E. Gandy, president of the Seattle World's Fair welcomed the visiting Pennsylvanians and hoped that they would continue to come to the Fair.

"Seattle is no further from Philadelphia than Philadelphia is from Seattle," President Gandy said with humor.

"We hope that you will be a vanguard of a great number of Pennsylvanians. We particularly like you of the Eastern Seaboard to see our North Pacific."

Edward Carlson then spoke of the honor he had to represent Gov. Rosellini at this Pennsylvania salute.

Ron Drake, then spoke of his native Pennsylvanians who "are never satisfied and always strive to make things better for their loved ones."

A. copy of the Pennsylvania plaque in the Plaza of the States, a framed copy of the "Declaration of Man" and a year 2001 calendar were presented to Drake in conclusion of the ceremony.


The printed information card that was mounted at the base of each state's flag pole.

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