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South Dakota State Honor Day, June 10, 1962

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South Dakota State Honor Day, June 10, 1962

Washington Governor Albert D. Rosellini and South Dakota Governor Gubbrud

Exclusive photo from Greater Seattle News Bureau.
Photo by Forde Photographers

South Dakota Governor Archie Gubbrud hoists his State Flag, while Washingtonm Governor Albert D. Rosellini (left) looks on during South Dakota Honor Day ceremonies in the Plaza of States at the Seattle World's Fair, June 10. The flag-raising is an important part of the colorful program, which salutes the states of the Union.



South Dakota State Plaque from the Century 21 Plaza of the States, Seattle

The printed information card that was mounted at the base of each state's flag pole.

South Dakota State Day Commemorative Cover

The State of South Dakota was honored by the World's Fair Post Office on their State Day.



Schedule of Events for the South Dakotans on their day in Seattle

South Dakota's Governor Gobbrud and the rest of the official party had a
busy June 9 while at the Seattle World's Fair.


South Dakota Gov. Gubbard's Speech at the Plaza of the States


"As an appreciative guest and observer, I welcome this opportunity to compliment Governor Rosellini and all of the officials of the Seattle World's Pair, upon the splendid and fruitful work so evident at this Century 21 Exposition. Many of my fellow South Dakotans hastened to come to Seattle in the early weeks of the Exposition, and I have received nothing but the most favorable reports from them about its many attractions."

"In behalf of Mrs. Gubbrud, Lieutenant Governor and Mrs. Joe Bottum and the others of our South Dakota party, I express the pleasure which is ours today as we enjoy the recognition you are giving to our state, and the warm hospitality which is being so graciously extended to us during our brief visit. We only regret that an extremely busy schedule prevents us from staying long enough to visit and absorb the many attractions which the Exposition offers. I am sure Governor Rosellini, that no one understands better than you why I find a prolonged visit to the great State of Washington impossible at this time.

"Many of the visitors here today may very well have traveled through South Dakota, as they traversed the countryside in the long trip from the East. With this World's Fair as your goal you were, no doubt, in a hurry. I hope that as you return, you will take time to pay us a longer visit. South Dakota's Black Hills and Mount Rushmore National Memorial are as magnificent as ever; as are also our broad, green prairies, our attractive lake region and our beautiful parks.

"South Dakota is presently facing tremendous new opportunities, new development and new growth. The mighty Missouri River which divides our state almost through its center from the north to the south, is now controlled by four of the largest dams in the world. The water impoundments which these form, together with all our other natural lakes, provide us with nearly as much shore line as there is on the entire West Coast. We also now have the best fresh water fishing in the United States, and people tell us it's going to get better.

"And these same new man-made lakes form a new recreation potential that is growing by leaps and bounds.

"Of course, the water from this development program isn't entirely for the benefit of fun lovers. Electric power is being generated and rich farm land is being irrigated. New business and new industries are moving in. South Dakota's Homestake Gold Mine, well known as the largest in the western hemisphere, is still operating at full capacity, and hundreds of test wells are being drilled by several of the major oil companies.

"We are, naturally, very proud of all these things and we like to have other people see and enjoy them. We have a lot of good, hospitable people, fine schools, and a solid economy with a state government entirely free of debt. Perhaps we can't expect to convince you to move to South Dakota, tomorrow, but we do invite you to come and see us and observe some of these things for yourselves.

"To the people from all over the world who may be visiting this Exposition today, and particularly to former South Dakotans many of whom are now residing in Washington and other West Coast states, I bring official greetings and good wishes from the State of South Dakota."

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