Jack Kennedy at Victory Square, Seattle
President Ford visits Seattle, October 25, 1976



Everyone's gathered again at Seattle's Boeing Field on October 25, 1976  as President Gerald Ford wings his way in on "The Spirit of '76" a/k/a Air Force One, for a late campaign visit.  Jack Gordon again performed duties as the Chairman of this visit.


According to the President Ford Library and Museum, Seattle had a busy morning planned for the President. Arriving here at about 10:45 a.m., he had a civic welcome at Boeing Field, went to Todd Shipyards, had a hydrofoil ride to Pier 57, went to the Veterans Hospital, held a campaign appearance, and left Seattle at 2:15 for Portland.  Whew! Somewhere along the line he also had time to have his picture taken with Chairman Jack Gordon and Washington Governor Evans.


According to the official manifest, the actor Peter Graves (star of the Mission: Impossible TV show) and Richard Cheney (Ford's Chief of Staff) were aboard Air Force One for the day. It could make a person wonder...



President Ford Postage Stamp



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