Washington State Gubernatorial Debates

While with RASW, Gordon was instrumental in setting up debates between the major candidates for governor that were broadcast across the state. 

The first pictures show the Evans-Rosellini debate of  1972.


We see Gov Dan Evans, moderator Jack Gordon of RASW, challenger Al Rosellini, and the panel of media experts:
 John Komen, KING-TV News, Adele Ferguson, Bremerton Sun newspaper, and Gordon Schultz of the Seattle Times.

Shown above, Gordon was able to make both candidates smile. 

Dan Evans and Al Rosellini Square Off
The two candidates look a bit worked up during this part of the debate. Moderator Jack Gordon has managed to get the NRA theme (We're Glad you're Here), the RASW seal (on the podium) plus the NBO (?) poster out in front of everyone for this debate. Jack was a master of product placement well before Hollywood discovered it.


John Spellman and Dixy Lee Ray debating for Governor of Washington State
1976 saw John Spellman and Dixy Lee Ray in statewide televised Gubernatorial Debate from the Hanford House Hotel in the Tri-Cities.

A quizzical gubernatorial candidate John Spellman watches Gordon explain to candidate McDermott just how the coin toss works.
 This was at the 1980 debate, held at Richland. (Photo credit for this and other 1980 Debate photos is Ralph Smith, Pasco)



Waiter! I think there's a fly in my coffee!






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