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1. What is the purpose of Greater Seattle, Inc.?

Greater Seattle, Inc., lists three prime tenets for its operation: (l) to organize the citizens for the common good; (2) by its activities to make Seattle a more exciting place in which to live; (3) to do a job of selling Pacific Northwest assets which will result in a flow of tourist dollars into the coffers of the city's business.

2. How long has Greater Seattle been in existence?

Fourteen years.

3. Are Greater Seattle, Inc., and Seafair one and the same?

No. The Seafair is a special civic event presented BY Greater Seattle, Inc. It is just one of many events that dot the Greater Seattle calendar.

4. Who started Greater Seattle, Inc.?

A group of citizens who saw that something was needed to vitalize Seattle and to charge ONE specific organization with the responsibility of "selling Seattle" to its own citizens and the rest of the nation. Greater Seattle's unpaid Board of Directors lists the names of 100 of our leading citizens.

5. Is Greater Seattle, Inc., organized for profit?

No. Greater Seattle, Inc., is a non-profit organization.

6. How is Greater Seattle, Inc., financed?

There are three types of membership open to all: $12 Individual Memberships $100 Firm Memberships and unlimited Foundation Memberships.

7. If I join Greater Seattle. Inc., am I just making a donation?

No. An individual membership in Greater Seattle, Inc., is the entertainment bargain of the century. Complete utilization of all of the membership benefits would bring a return of $300 for your $12, plus being a part of making Seattle go forward.

8. What has Greater Seattle, Inc., accomplished in the 14 years of its existence?

Greater Seattle, Inc., has already done more to put Seattle on the map than anyone dreamed possible. Besides organizing Seafair, Greater Seattle, Inc., has brought professional football, professional basketball, championship hydroplane racing, and the American Bowling Congress to Seattle along with national figure-skating competition, and title play in tennis, badminton and golf. Greater Seattle has flooded our city with the best in entertainment, including the names of Bob Hope, Bert Parks, John Raitt, Gisele MacKenzie, Martha Wright, Pamela Britton, and many, many others. These stars performed in the beautiful Green Lake Aqua Theatre - the building of which is directly attributable to Greater Seattle, Inc.

9. What does the staging of national tournaments, competitions and events like the big unlimited hydroplane races do for Seattle?

They give publicity to Seattle - GOOD PUBLICITY - NATIONAL publicity. And national recognition is highly important if Seattle is to grow, to attract more population, to draw new business and industry here.

10. Will Greater Seattle, Inc., be active in bringing more population to Seattle?

Yes. That is one of Greater Seattle, Inc.'s, definite, long-range objectives. If Seattle is to take her place in the sun - if there is to be more business here - more jobs --we need more people, greater population.

11. Why is greater population so important to GREATER SEATTLE prosperity?

A growing city is always a live prosperous city because fresh money is constantly coming in. The larger the size of the city, the more opportunity for industry, professional people and industrial workers. Manufacturing plants always locate in the city with the largest population, consistent with their needs. Larger population gives greater variety in selection of employees. The larger cities have a greatly increased value in real estate and all types of property -- small homes, factory sites, business property turns over more rapidly. Everybody prospers on a larger scale in a constantly increasing, fast-growing city.

12. Will Greater Seattle, Inc., work to bring more tourists here, as well as permanent population?

Definitely. Events like the annual Seafair ... the hydroplane races next summer... are great drawing magnets for visitors. Why do other cities stage special events? For the sheer love of fun and frolic? Not for a moment! Cities have learned that civic promotion is the spark which generates growth and prosperity in the community.

13. Who is going to do all this?

Not "the other fellow". It's the job of every man and woman in Seattle -not just a few. The planning has been done. Now it's up to you - and you - and you - to all of us, to make it work.

14. How much is this worth to you?

If you are a citizen of Seattle - if you make your living here and enjoy the prosperity of the city - a $12.00 individual membership is a worthwhile investment for you. If you are a business or professional man it should be worth a $100 Firm Membership. If you direct a business organization, it should be worth a Foundation Membership - $500, $1,000 or even $5,000 - whatever your volume of business will warrant. (Remember contributions to Greater Seattle, Inc., are deductible from your income tax as a business expense.)








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