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SEATTLE/KING COUNTS KLONDIKE\FESTIVAL COMMISSION                              November 10, 1971
500 Wall St. * Seattle, Washington 98121
(206) MAin 2-2220
John F. Gordon, Chairman


CONTACTS: Mel Anderson 500 Wall St, MA 2-2220                             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
          Bill Sears Seattle/King County Convention & Visitors Bureau
          MA 2-5022


Gov Evans Appoints Gordon, Frayn as Klondike Festival Chairmen


Governor Daniel J. Evans this weekend confirmed the appointments of Jack Gordon and Mort Frayn as state co-chairmen for the Klondike Festival Commission, program arm of the historic observance.

Gordon, executive vice president and general manager of the Restaurant Associa­tion of the State of Washington, and Frayn, Seattle printing executive and civic leader, will supervise the overall planning for the 75th anniversary years of the Klondike Gold Rush which took place in 1897-98.

Earlier, Evans appointed the state's two leading tourism officials -- Hartly Kruger, general manager of the Seattle/King County Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Al Hunter, manager of the Tourism Division of the state's Department of Commerce and Economic Development -- as state coordinators for the festival.

In other developments, the Pacific Northwest Klondike Festival office has been established at 312 First Avenue N., in Seattle, 1962 site of the headquarters for both the World's Fair Corporation and the Century 21 Commission. Mel Anderson, managing director of the event, said that the headquarters would be operative in the near future.

At the same time, Gordon announced that the Restaurant Association is planning a civic banquet to salute the 10th anniversary of the Seattle World's Fair on April 21, 1972. The fete will also serve as a public preview of the Klondike Festival. Gordon said that a meeting on December 8 will address itself to establishing roles of the recently-formed Klondike Festival Corporation and the Klondike Festival Commission and to determine methods of financial underwriting for the event. Also to be spelled out at that meetina, Gordon said, will be the participation by Greater Seattle, Inc.; the Seattle Center; and the Seattle/King County Convention & Visitors Bureau.



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