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Hardly had the Pasco Flyers had a chance to catch their breath after Thursday night's season finale win over Montana University when word comes from Spokane that the Flyers will be extended an invita­tion to enter an all-star team in the Inland Empire Amateur Athletic Union's basketball tournament slated for the Gonzaga University floor March 5 and 6.

According to Father Arthur Dussault, Gonzaga director of athletics, bids are also to be mailed to Walla Walla Air Base, Ephrata Bombers, Farragut Naval Training Station, U. of Idaho Cadets, Lewiston Normal and WSC Cadet Bases, Gonzaga Navy Pre-Flight and the three Spo­kane Army Bases.

Deadline for entries is February 22 but so far no news is good news regarding possible entry of the Pasco quint in the two-day meet.

*  *  *

Favors Pro-Ball

It's so long to Paul Jackson—the colorful former Oregon hoopster played his last game with the Fly­ers against Montana then headed Texas way for the Corpus Christi advanced Naval Air Station. "Stone­wall", as his Oregon mates dubbed the diminutive fireball, played some neat ball in his appearances with the Pasco team—and the memory of his board-burning action will ling­er. Good Luck and keep 'em flying, Paul!

*  *  *

Nothing as yet to report on the baseball front—with the Pacific Coast League magnates arguing on whether or not there'll be a P.C.L. loop this year, the possibility of a great Seattle Shipyards team with Pro players from the Seattle and Portland clubs participating looms on the horizon. There'll be a ship­yards league—no matter what the P.C.L. decides—but should they de­cide to abandon "America's favor­ite game" for the duration—there'll be plenty of fur a flyin' in that Shipyard League. Maybe the Pasco Flyers'll get a crack at those out­fits.... in any event, the Ship­yards will be providing most of the top competition around these parts.

*  *  *

Hurling a challenge to any and all comers, Al Jones comes in with the latest dope on his "Sailor Keglers" bowling team. As soon as the NAS alleys are back in shape after the overhaul job, the sailor pinmen will stage a telegraphic meet with ah all-star Grandpaw league team of Seattle aces. The Seattle alley granddaddies have some of the finest Queen City bowlers in Its cast. They include Geo. Kosmos, Louis Vitilich, Hy Willers, Jake Webb, and U. E. Jones.

The Seattle-Pasco wire meet will probably be held Wednesday with both teams bowling simultaneously and telegraphing the results.

Hotshots of the sailor pinmen are G. F. Bookter, Leo Glassner, Bob Kahle, Bob Hornig and Jones. They've got a better than 182 average and will be out to improve that score in the match with the Seattle gang.

"We'll tackle any team!", says Jones, and he's got his eye on a meet with the Walla Walla Air Base Bombers. He's also challenged local pinmen but whether or not the barbers, and Indoctrination school teams will accept the dare, Jones hasn't heard.

Come on all you bowlers, how about it?

*  *  *

While we're on the subject of NAS sports, don't forget the entry lists in the billiard championship tournament close February 19, so if you want to compete for some of those fancy prizes being put up by Lieut. Greer's Welfare Office, you'd better hustle.

*  *  *

THIS WEEK'S DIAMOND FEATURE: Paul Irwin, pitcher, formerly with the Portland Beavers in Coast League. Played with Universal Printing in 1942 Seattle City League. Here at Pasco NAS he's working on the flight line as a plane crewman. While on the mound for Pasco Flyers last year he won fourteen straight games. He has some definite ideas on how Pacific Coast League should run wartime schedule. "Cut out jumps from San Diego to Seattle," says Paul, "play two or three southern teams, then on the way back up the coast take in Portland and Seattle." While with the City league in '41 Irwin won ten in eleven starts.






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