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The mail brings a request from the Spokane Athletic Round Table to poll the local baseball-minded gobs and cadets on their pros and cons on Wartime Baseball.

Joe Albi, Athletic Round Table prexy, has this to say about the poll: "we should be very interested in obtaining a poll of the Naval Air Station at Pasco and suggest that measures be taken immediately to procure an unbiased vote."

"If any of your men at the base would like to compete for the prizes that will be offered", says Albi, "we would be very happy to receive their individual letters expressing their pro and con opinions on Wartime Baseball."

In fourteen states that have been heard from the returns indicated the fans favored the continuance of the national pastime, 8 to 1. In all $500 in War Bonds and $1,000.00 in other prizes are offered for the best answers to the poll and the amounts will be increased if the returns are heavy.

The results of the poll will be passed on to the Government, according to the A.R.T. announcement. With a War Bond as the prize, the quiz presents a great opportunity for some of the more vociferious [sic] diamond addicts to get a few paragraphs off their chests. Drop your letters to the Sky-Writer Sports Department and we'll send 'em on to Spokane.

Let's hear from some of you baseball fans!


Harvey Storey, shortstop and utility man. He's the former San Francisco Seal star. Started pro­fessional baseball career back in 1936 with Portland Beavers. Was sold to Tacoma Tigers for $100 that year — from Tacoma was sold to Frisco — after a great record with the Seals, was traded to Chicago Cubs for $35,000. Broke his leg in '41 and his batting with Cubs fell off, was shipped out to Milwaukee Brewers; played with Tulsa Oilers before enlisting in Navy. Best year at plate was with Seals; hit a .351 clip in 1939. Storey's married and his wife resides in Portland, Ore­gon. He's working in the galley now as a mess cook. Figures with loss of No. 1 ball players Pacific Coast action will be "pretty slow" in coming season.

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ITS ABOUT TIME someone tossed a bouquet to those second teamers on the Pasco Flyer quintet. One of the No. 1 reasons why the Flyers were able to make that thirteen game record was because the reserve material that Coach Mandic had on hand was up to snuff and ever-ready. Players like Rube Sandstrom, Jack Blizzard, Tom Gaffney and Levi McCormick may not have been on the starting line­up but it was their support that gave the varsity that much need­ed rest in those hectic College games and kept the Flyers in the ball game.

The reserve players didn't top the individual scoring column but their timely counters went a long ways towards insuring some of those victories. And while we're on the subject Frank Watson, Doug Pederson and Paul Jackson are due for a hat-tipping, too. The Aviation Cadets lent a hand, as well, in help­ing out the Flyers in th« reserve department.







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