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With Lieut. W. W. McKalip's new athletic program in the process of final planning, and the appointment of Ensign Tom Hunt as officer-in-charge of the program, it won't be long 'ere the crack of a bat and the roar of an umpire's "S—t—r—i—k—e!" begin echoing across the Pasco NAS, as the baseball-minded cadets and station-keepers get in their licks in the softball, baseball and other athletic events slated.

But don't forget the dribble-daffy members of the NAS fraternity that haunt the gym during the lunch hour these spring days!

This corner comes up with the suggestion that a free throw contest be included in the program, since many of the station-keepers have been hotshots at the free toss line in other days and could use the competition as an opportunity to sharpen their aim for bigger game to come.

*  *  *

Don't sell those WAVES short just because they're down at the tail end of the Tuesday night bowling ladder in the enlisted men's league.

The enlisted women have been working hard on their alley bids and scores like that 297 that Seaman Grace Frentiss bowled last Tuesday night isn't anything to be sneezed at, so don't be surprised that, after the WAVES sharpen their kegling eye, that they take over one of those berths in the first division of the league.

ANOTHER SMOKER will be on tap for the fight fans on the station, according to reports from the Athletic department, although Lieut. R. E. Johnson hasn't got a definite date scheduled as yet.

But Bobby Chapman, winner of the amateur heavyweight crown In the Seattle Pacific N. W. Service boxing meet, still is looking for an opponent. The flashy heavyweight didn't get a chance to show in the initial smoker and from the looks of things unless Pat Ryan and Larry Nicholich will forego their vowed return bout, the "champ" will have to stay on the sidelines.

While we're in the ring, we'll advise the fight fans that Cadet Floyd Kreiger—the avcad who gave the first smoker one of its best fights with his TKO victory over Bob Jones, is on his way to Corpus Christi, getting nearer to the big fight where he'll exchange those gloves for a pair of fur-lined mit­tens.

*  *  *

Leo — the mighty Glassner - let out a roar last Monday night unhitched his belt and set a new individual scoring record at the NAS alley. The tonsorial expert rolled a 264 ... on 8 successive strikes and two spares for his 10-frame bid for a perfect score.







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