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Swabbin' the Deck with Jack Gordon

By Jack Gordon


LIFE BEGINS at Forty seems to be a pretty much accepted fact so here's wishing our Pasco Naval Air Station, thirty-nine more years of service as glorious as the year just past.

Switching off the birthday subject let's take a look at some of the individual stars that the NAS athletic teams have produced during that busy year:

FOOTBALL—Chief Specialist Marv Harshman, who played a whale of a game for Pacific Lutheran College before his entrance into the Navy, ran true to form for the Pasco Flyer gridders, playing a bangup game at fullback and leading the sailors in the scoring department. Harsh rolled up 47 points for individual honors, smashing thru for seven touchdowns and kicking five conversions.

BASKETBALL—The name of an ex-Washington State College Frosh hoopster stands out in our minds as most promising on the Flyer casaba quint. He's Bobbie Svendsen, 6 feet, 3 inches of sharp-shooting ability that spelled plenty of trouble for the sailor oppon­ents last year. He taliied 204 points for the Flyers In their eighteen game effort in 1943 and gave big-wigs of the Pacific Coast Con­ference like Washington and his ex-alma mammy W.S.C. a run for their money. He potted 19 points in the W.S.C. game and 10 against the U. W.

BASEBALL—With such a great galaxy of stars on the Flyer diamond squad the job of picking the outstanding player is no cinch. So we're going to split the choices and make it a tie between Bob Kahle, former Hollywood star infielder, and Harvey Storey, ex-Frisco outfielder. Both played heads-up ball—and team-baseball as well. We'll take our hats off to every one of the Flyer baseballers, though, for their efforts were a great credit to the Pasco Naval Air Station.

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Tommy Kuzma, Michigan's great All-American backfield ace is laid up with a lung ailment in a Colorado Army Hospital ... newest major leaguers slated for induction into the army are Cardinal players Howard Pollett and Jimmy Brown, Si Johnson, Phillie pitcher and Ellis Clary, Washington third sacker. ... YANK magazine's proposal for a championship baseball game between the Army Air Forces and the Ground Forces in the Berlin Sportspalast has caught fire, so they say. ... Lt. L. W. LeFeve of the Kansas City QM Depot is so sure the game's coming off-that he has already bought equipment for it ... that's great for the Army fans but it looks like the only thing left for the Navy to do is to stage a contest in Tokyo's arena (if it's still standing) ... to decide the Fleet title! ...


REMEMBER Jackie Armstrong, the ex-Portland wrestler, who went a few rounds in that March 5 Smoker? ... Jackie won't be boxing in the August smoker ... 'cause he's aboard a submarine plying the waters of the Pacific ... writes Armstrong to this corner just before he boarded the 'sub'; "Just a line to say 'goodbye' to all my shipmates at Pasco until we meet again. ... I'm aboard a new submarine and it's sure a nice job ... anyone who turns down the chance for sub duty is nuts!" ... smooth sailing, Jack and your Pasco shipmates echo the sentiments.



Here's a look at the cover and front page of The Sky-Writer for Wednesday, July 27, 1943.


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