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Editor's Note: Because Associate Editor Jack Gordon (note the promotion from Sports Editor) spent most of his time this week on the "Station Smoker," there was no "Swabbin' the Deck" column. Instead we bring you a premininary article on the matches plus a bit on some of the sailors who are shipping out of NAS Pasco.






Station Smoker Starts 1815 Tonight

Snoddy-Haines Bout Will Draw Fans:
Free Cigs, Movies Slated

Fight fans aboard the Pasco Naval Air Station, who like their boxing wild and woolly with no punches pulled, will have more than enough to satisfy their appetites tonight in the Recreation Hall gym, where the Athletic Department has a seven-bout "Bill O' Fare" on tap in the station's second annual smoker.

No. 1 fights on the station card will be the main event Johnny Haines-George Snoddy bout and the George Gablehouse-Irving Dungin scrap in the wind-up. All four fighters are in top shape and have shown plenty of speed in final workouts. Chief Snoddy will draw plenty of his A and R ship-mates to the bout while Haines has plenty of fans in the Commissary Department.

Gablehouse and Dungin seem to be the most evenly matched pair on the slate, the Chief Athletic Specialist claims he's "raring to go" while his VM Unit opponent has been putting everything into last minute shape-up efforts.

One of the feature events of the evening's card will be the Judo and hand-to-hand exhibition which will be staged by First Sgt. James Kayser, USMC and Aviation Cadet Harold McCann, Jr., both Guadacanal veterans. Lieut. Olden C. Gillum, of the Athletic Department will announce the demonstration.

Two other top fights on the card are the Earl Lillard-Tommy Gaffney bout and the Robbie Robertson and Cliff Thompson fray. In other matches Jim Hoffeister, Flight Two speedster, meets Mac Stewart of A and R. Ralph Woodell, promising Flight One fighter, tackles Marine Frank Potter and two Flight Two crewmen square off, Ernie Matson battling R. B. Gordon.

According to Chief Specialist Reginald Stent, who has been drawing up the smoker card, the first bout will start promptly at 1815.

Larry Hannon, former Northwest boxer, now stationed here will referee the bouts and the judges will be Lieut. Wm. Culliton, former Washington State Boxing Commission member and Lieut. Richard E. Johnson, well-known ex-boxing instructor at the University of Washington. Timekeeper will be Chief Specialist Warren Webster and Seconds will be Johnny Berkley, Larry Nicolich and Les Parker.

Comdr. Harry H. Kretzler, Senior Medical Officer, will be at the ringside assisted by Al Jones, First Aid Petty Officer.

Master of Ceremonies for the smoker will be Lt. (jg) Ken Peters, former Coach of the famed Pasco Flyer baseball club. Radioman Clarence Butler will be on hand to keep the microphones shipshape.

As previously announced free Camel cigarettes will be distributed by the Welfare Department's representatives to the fight fans and a free showing of the movie "Some­where In France" will be screened thanks to Welfare Officer Lieut. Howard Greer.

The show which is free to all hands and dependants, promises to draw well over a thousand fans. Chief Stent urges all hands to come on time as it will be a case of the early bird catching the seats. Remember the first bout starts at 1815!





HERE'S DANNY AMARAL and LINDSAY BROWN, two star Pasco Flyer ball players who are at their sea-duty embarkation ports today awaiting for transfer to the Pacific Fleet. They were detached from the Pasco NAS last week.

While Edo Vanni, Rube Sandstrom and Johnny Bittner were busy packing their sea bags preparatory to leaving for the Navy's Athletic Specialists Training School in Bainbridge, Maryland next week, two other former Pasco Flyer baseballers were on their way to sea duty assignments.

Danny Amaral, outfielder for the Flyers, was transferred to Receiving Ship PSNY Bremerton for duty while Lindsay Brown, Flyer shortstop, was assigned to Receiving Ship San Francisco.

The two sailors, both rated men, first met when they were purchased by the Portland Beavers of the P. C. League with whom they played just prior to their entrance into the Naval Reserve. Brown, AMMSc, was a Link Trainer Instructor aboard the Pasco NAS while Amaral, CM3c, worked in the Carpenter Shop.

The Pasco Flyer ball club was disbanded last month when it was foreseen that subsequent sea duty calls for the players would make continuation of season play impossible.






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