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Jack Gordon



The Restaurant Convention

Gordon is reviewing booth sales with Charles Noble, RASW's Vice President of Marketing.


The 1968 Pacific NW Restaurant Convention, Seattle

The 1968 Restaurant Convention held in the Seattle Center Coliseum


KCH Photography of Seattle

The late 70's and left to right are Chas G. Hord, Victor Rosellini, an unidentified man, Kristi Lee, and Jack Gordon.


A Look down the main aisle of the 1980 Pacific NW Restaurant Convention, held at the Seattle Center Coliseum.

Bob Power of NRA, President Ford, Jack Gordon, and Victor Rosellini at 1980 Pacific Int'l Hospitality Show, Seattle

In 1980, Jack brought in former President Gerald Ford as the Keynote Speaker for the Pacific International Hospitality Show.
Left to right are NRA President Bob Power of the Nut Tree Restaurant, Vacaville, California, President Ford, Jack Gordon, and RASW's Convention Chairman Victor Rosellini.


Booth Sales and other convention increases saw RASW move the Pacific International Hospitality Show to the Kingdome in the 1988s.

Jack Gordon, RASW President Chuck Quinn (Charlie's Restaurants, Seattle) and John R Gordon, convention manager, admire the future home of the Hospitality Show.


Tracy and Linda

You always had to work to sell booth spaces for next year. Here are Tracy Fortier Alishio and Linda Johnson in Portland, April 1985, helping to get ready for the 1986 Restaurant Convention in Seattle.
(two girls from the gulch)

Convention manager John Gordon and RASW's VP of Marketing Charles Noble watch Jack Gordon point out the increased parking for exhibitors and convention delegates available at the Hospitality Show's new location in the Kingdome.

And here are Geraldine and Charles Noble, he was RASW's VP of Sales, toasting a successful convention on the boat.

I'm sorry, but apparently after this convention, "A Goodtime was had by all."