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Roberta May Walsh Gordon
August 25, 1925 - October 27, 2017

Roberta was born to Edward Patrick Walsh and Thecla Rose (Bettie) Kuper Walsh on August 25, 1925. She passed from this life to the next on October 27, 2017.

A graduate of St. Mary's Parish School and Immaculate High School, both in Seattle, Roberta was graduated from the final class of Seattle College in 1947. She enjoyed telling people that she didn't graduate from Seattle University, she graduated from Seattle College.

During and following college, she worked at the Catholic Northwest Progress where she met the love of her life, Jack (John F.) Gordon. Roberta and Jack were married at St. Mary's Catholic Church on May 1, 1948. They lived in Seattle for the first few years of their marriage, moving to Washington, D.C., in 1950, returning to Seattle to stay in 1952.

Roberta was active in the Mae Hartlaub Circle of the Association for Catholic Childhood for much of her married life. She focused her energy and her life on her family. Once her youngest was regularly attending school, she spent many a happy day serving as a substitute teacher at Blessed Sacrament Grade School. In her later years when she had more free time, she was an active member of the Literary and Travel Club.

Roberta was an active participant in Assumption Parish in Seattle, and served on the Liturgy Committee, Parish Council, and sang in the choir. She and Jack were co-chairmen of the Parish's 70th Anniversary festivities in 1993.

She is survived by her children John (Beverly), Mary Pederson, Ann Thomas, and Joseph, nine grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren as well as her brother James Walsh (Juanita).

Her funeral mass was November 2, 2017, at Assumption Catholic Church with interment at Calvary Cemetery following.

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Walsh Family, 1926
1926, Frances, Jack, Louise, Mom, Dad, Roberta.
2 / 37
Roberta Walsh, 1930
Roberta at five.
3 / 37
Roberta in 1939
A 14 year old Roberta in 1939.
4 / 37
Edward Walsh Family, 1941
The Edward Walsh Family, 1941: left to right: Edward, Thecla (Bettie), William, Louise, Jack, Frances, Roberta, Jim, Irene, Bettie, and Richard.
5 / 37
Roberta and Bob
Yes. There was life before Jack. Here are Roberta and Bob in 1943.
6 / 37
Roberta and Dale
18 year-old Roberta and Dale, also in 1943.
7 / 37
Roberta June 1943
Roberta Walsh, 18 years old.
8 / 37
Roberta Walsh High School Graduation
Roberta's Graduation from Immaculate High School, 1943
9 / 37
Roberta at Long Beach
Summer 1945 saw Roberta in Long Beach. (She's on your right.)
10 / 37
Roberta Walsh and Parents
Roberta with her parents Bettie and Edward, 1946
11 / 37
Roberta Walsh and Jack Gordon following Roberta's Graduation
Roberta in Cap and Gown and her fiance Jack 1947 in the back yard at 2023 following her Seattle College graduation
12 / 37
Roberta and Jack Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gordon off to do big things, May 1, 1948
13 / 37
Jack Gordon, Roberta, and Jack Carson
Hollywood star Jack Carson was in Seattle for a VFW event in 1948 and couldn't pass up the prettiest girl in town.
14 / 37
Roberta cooking late 1940s
This may have been the kitchen in the apartment on Bigelow.
15 / 37
Irene, Jim, and Roberta
Roberta and Irene are visiting younger brother Jim in California.
Don't tell Irene there's a piece of tape on her.
16 / 37
Jim and Roberta
Roberta is still in sunny California visiting her brother Jim. Never could pass up a good buffet.
17 / 37
Roberta and Jack in DC
Roberta had identified this picture as being taken while they lived in Our Nation's Capital.
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Roberta and her mother-in-law Mabel at the house on 39th
Roberta is posing with her Mother-in-Law Mabel following her return from Washington D.C.
19 / 37
Roberta and Kathleen in the yard at the house on 39th
Roberta and little Kathleen in the yard of the house on 39th NE
20 / 37
Roberta and #1 son
Roberta with her #1 son, John in 1954
21 / 37
Roberta and a 'brand new' Mary
Mom proudly holding up Mary in 1956
22 / 37
Woodland Park, 1957
1957, Kathleen, Roberta, Mary, Jack, and John
23 / 37
1959, Washington's beaches
No Joseph, so this is probably 1959 on Washington's coast.
24 / 37
Mom and Ann on the swing
1960 has Mom having a nice swing with Ann
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Piano Playing Roberta, 1960
1960, Roberta always loved her music.
26 / 37
Roberta and Joseph, 1961
1961, Mom and Joseph.
27 / 37
Roberta and Ann at the Beach
Probably Ocean Shores, Here are Roberta and Ann frolicing in the water.
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Roberta in the snow, 1961
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The Gordon Family, 1961
Early 1961, Mary, John, baby Joseph, Ann, and Mom
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Halloween, 1964
1964, The Gordon family posing for a Catholic NW Progress advertisement.
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Roberta's not a big dog fan
Here is Roberta with one of the Gordons' attempts to rescue a shelter dog.
32 / 37
Front of the house
Late 1960's in front of the house.
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Chicago at the Restaurant Show
1966 or 67: Left to right are "an NRA Executive"; Vince Galvin, Victor and Marcia Rosellini, U.S. Senator Henry (Scoop) and Helen Jackson; (that's Joseph in front); Denver and Mrs. Burtenshaw, an unknown man, Roberta Gordon; Walter F. Clark, and finally, Jack.
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Jack and Roberta, 50 years
1998 and Jack and Roberta are celebrating their 50th.
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Cake with Jack 2007
At the last big shindig held on 44th Place, Roberta is helping Jack cut his birthday cake inm 2007.
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Roberta Gordon, 2012
Just Roberta from the 50th Anniv.
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Roberta Gordon, 2015
Roberta Gordon, still smiling in 2015.

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