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'True friend of saints, sinners and sports . . . '

SU President Fr. Lemieux retires in 1965

Progress Sports Photo by W. C. Heib Jr.

A RISING ovation from 8,400 fans greeted Father Albert A. Lemieux, SJ, retiring president of Seattle University, at Monday's doubleheader in the Seattle Center Coliseum. The renowned Jesuit was called to the middle of the basketball court at halftime of the second game between the Chiefs and Oklahome City University and there presented with a portable typewriter and a plaque by the Puget Sound Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association. Holding the gift was Bob Robertson, sports director of KTNT-TV and president of the sports fraternity. Robertson, in presenting the gift, read the inscription on the plaque which said, "Priest, scholar and true friend of saints, sinners and sports . . . Father A. A. Lemieux . . . Good luck, 1965 . . . " Master of ceremonies was Jack Gordon (left with dark suit, game announcer.) Cheerleaders and the Chieftains cluster by the half-court circle. The Chiefs then went on to beat OCU, 85-82.







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