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Meet your Seattle University 1951-52 Chieftains
The Team That Beat the Globetrotters

1951-1952 Seattle University Chieftain basketball team

Unfortunately, I don't have a roster for this year's Chieftain team. I can identify Johnny O'Brien (#4) and his brother Eddie O'Brien (#3). The basketball coach was Al Brightman.

According to a Facebook comment left during 2017, by Milton J. Northrop, here is his roster for the players: "3 Eddie O'Brien, 4 Johnny O'Brien, 5 Ray Soo 6 Ray Moscatel 7 Don Ginsberg 8 John Haberle 9 Wayne Sanford, 10 Jack Johansen, 11 Jack Doherty 12 Oscar Holden 13 Bill Higlin, 14 Les Whittles 15 Vic Petach." Thanks Milton! [unfortunately, during a site upgrade, many comments disappeared. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.]

Here's a prospectus on the 51-52 Season along with a Roster


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