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From the Seattle Times, May 11,1969


John F. Gordon Honored By Seattle University Alumni

By RAY RUPPERT Religion Editor, The Times

During an alumni banquet which focused on the increasing problems in higher education, John F. Gordon was presented with Seattle University Alumni Association’s 1969 Distinguished Service Award yesterday.

Both Gordon and the Rev. Neil McCluskey, S. J., visit-ing profe*ssor of education at Notre Dame, brought serious moments to the otherwise carefree and light-hearted afternoon at S. U.'s Campion Tower.

GORDON IS executive vice president and general manager of the [Restaurant Association of the State of Washington], a former public-relations specialist for the university and long an unofficial greeter for important persons visiting Seattle.

Father McCluskey, regarded as one of the most knowledgeable figures in education today, particularly of Catholic education, is the author of a newly published book, “Catholic Education Faces Its Future."

TO BE CATHOLIC, Father McCluskey said, means to be universal in time as well as in place and a Catholic uni-versity is forced to adapt to the new times in which it finds itself.

"Young people today are different," he said, noting that colleges and universities are being called upon to risk giving young people greater freedom than in the past. [Ed. note from 2010: we know how this idea turned out don’t we?]

He saw increasing ecumenism as a growing pattern for Catholic institutions as they invite other religious traditions to share their campuses and as they share the facilities of Protestant and Jewish institutions. [This wonderful idea led to a teacher in the Theology department of Jesuit Seattle University claiming, "I am both Muslim and Christian, just like I'm both an American of African descent and a woman. I'm 100 percent both."]

Gordon was concerned about dissent on the campuses and of unrest in the cities.

"We must preach on and off the campus that responsibility is the partner of freedom, that tolerance is the bedfellow of liberty, that we must advocate and practice love of neighbor as the natural companion of the love of God, that we must accept the charge of being the keeper of all members of the brotherhood of man as the partner of keeping one's own self and family and household," Gordon said.

Saying that it was necessary to be unafraid of change or new directions, Gordon emphasized, "But let us not change out of fear."

"Jack Gordon Day" was proclaimed by Mayor Floyd Miller at the luncheon. He also said that Gordon has been named official greeter for the city.

A State Senate resolution also set aside yesterday as "Jack Gordon Day."




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