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Said Seattle's Mayor William F. Devin after the First Annual Gridiron Show held in November, 1949, "I hope you make this an annual dinner . . I think I've learned a lot tonight."

On Friday night, November 2, Mayor Devin, as well as a host of municipal and county officials and politicians of all walks of life may learn some more.

That is the date of the Washington State Press Club's Third Annual Gridiron Dinner and Harpoon Night, to be held at the Norway Center, 300 Third Avenue West.

The Press Club has received numerous letters of confirma­tion from such persons as Pearl A. Wanamaker, Earl Coe, Judge Ward Roney, Paul V. Brown, Sen­ator Harry P. Cain and Judge Roy DeGrief, to mention only a few.

Said one letter, "It's not a case of being afraid to come . . . it's a case of being afraid NOT to come!"

And that about sums it up for hundreds of politicians and local government luminaries, since no one knows which dignitary or what department of government will be "lampooned" in the show.

Rehearsals have been conducted in strict secrecy as to content of the show, according to General Chairman Jack Gordon and his co-chairmen, Guy Williams and Don Reed.

The show will "get on the road" at 6 p. m. November 2, with a cocktail hour followed by a dinner in the spacious center auditorium. Norway Center was chosen as site of the Gridiron Show this year because it offers better facilities than were available for either of the first two shows.

Eight honorary co-chairmen are heading a 100-man (and woman) committee planning the 1951 "harpoon night" show. They include: Ross Cunningham, Associate Editor of The Seattle Times; Berne Jacobsen, city editor of the Post-Intelligencer; Harry Carlson, Bureau Chief of United Press; James Huicheson, assistant Bureau Chief for Associated Press; Stub Nelson, political editor of the P.-I.; Jack Jarvis, night city editor of the P.-I.; Chet Gibbon, Sunday editor of The Times; Doug Willix, The Times.

Victor A. Sack, newly-elected Press Club treasurer, is serving as treasurer of the Gridiron Committee and Joan Connor, Times so­ciety, secretary.

Tickets for the show and dinner, offered to Press Club members and to non-members on an exclusive "invitation only" basis sell for $10.00 per copy, and are available at the Press Club office, MAin 6226.

Members of Ihe Gridiron Show cast include: Jerry Morris, Vic Sack, Guy Williams, Don Reed, Del Filzwaler, Harry Reed, Jack Gordon, John T. Closs, Marlowe Hartung, Larry Dion, Jim Man­ning, Don Venables, Howard Vallentyne. Iris Lindsay, Bruce Temple, Cal Druxman, Ed. Simonds, Dan Tonsing, Lila Ewing;

Maxine Jarvis, Jim Hutcheson, Adam Lyskoski, Al Amundson, George Dean, Herb Robinson, Jer­ry Ross, Roy Scully, Chuck Lauber. Warren Deasy, Howard Rulan, Tom Herbert, Doug Willix, Jack Sullivan, Shirley Flowers, Doug Billmeyer, Bill Golden, Helen Burt, Jean Herbert, Joan Connor and Joe Miller.

Heading the hard-working script committee whose plans entail putting the "needle" to state, county and city public officials, is Al Amundson. Howard MacDonald is promotion chairman; Mel Anderson is publicity director; Warren Deasy is casting director; James Hutcheson is arrangements chairman; Joe Sjersen is chair­man of the staging committee; Clark Squire is heading a committee handling the V. I. P.'s; Harry Reed and Del Fitzwater are handling the musical arrange­ments, George Barclay the dance numbers and Jerry Morris the au­dience gags.



1951 Washington State Press Club Gridiron Dinner program



1951 Washington State Press Club Gridiron Dinner program



1951 Washington State Press Club Gridiron Dinner program



1951 Washington State Press Club Gridiron Dinner program



Rehearsing for the 1951 Washington State Press Club Gridiron Dinner

REHEARSING—Members of the Gridiron Show cast seem to be taking their lessons in the art of can-can dancing in good spirit as they rehearse for the annual "harpoon the politicians" production which the Press Club will present Friday night, November 2. Members of the cast and their "teachers," the Barclay Girls, are (left to right) Zo Anne LeRoy, Jack Gordon, Shirley Lang, Larry Dion and Joyce McGregor and Barney Harvey, Mary Ann Sjursen, John Closs, Gloria Baska and Don Venables.







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