Jack Gordon




Roberta's 1980 Birthday at Rosellini's 6-10

The Birthday Girl

The woman of the hour,
Jack's lovely bride, Roberta.
(One of John E Walker's few blurry photos.)

Roberta's Birthday, 1980

Grandma and Grandpa with 1st grandchild Gabriel.

Roberta's Birthday, 1980

Jack and Roberta with a beaming Gabriel.

Roberta's Birthday, 1980

Now we're adding Dad (Gary) and Mom (Mary).

Roberta's Birthday, 1980

Jack and Roberta with host Victor

Roberta's Birthday, 1980

What happened to Gary? And why is Jack offering Victor an apparently empty bottle?

Roberta's Birthday, 1980

OK. Now the whole gang's here.
Joseph, John, Roberta, Jack, Gabriel, Mary, Ann, Uncle Victor, and Gary

Roberta's Birthday, 1980, Dad and Joe

OK, there seems to be something going on between Joseph and his dad.

Hey, who's taking these shots?

John E Walker photographer, par excellence!

Roberta's Birthday, 1980, John and Gabe and Gary

Must be Jack taking this picture.
Looks like Gary was thinking of running for president with that pointing finger.

John E Walker, Gabriel

I'll help you mister.

That's all Folks!

And that's all folks








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