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Charles S. Noble,
May 21, 1926-March 22, 2015

Charles S. Noble

Charles S. Noble

Charles S. Noble was born on May 21, 1926, and passed away on March 22, 2015, in his 88th year, in Seattle, of complications due to a broken hip and infection.

He was a World War II veteran from the Navy, a ballet dancer in New York City and a vice president of marketing for the Restaurant Association of the State of Washington.

He was married to Geraldine Hansen Noble for 37 years and survived by his daughter Charlene H. Noble.

He was a very active physical man who loved to swim, go to the gym, and ride a bike everyday.

He was the commodore of the Corinthian Yacht Club and sailed all his life. He really enjoyed boogie boarding in the ocean with his daughter.

He was a great reader with a strong intellect. Mostly he was a vibrant, spiritual, loving soul that had a great gift for bringing people together.


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