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Janice Koskivich Flowers,
longtime restaurant operator
1965 Restaurant Man of the Year

Janice Koskivich and her husband Stanley, started the Farm Restaurant in Federal Way back before there really was a Federal Way, in 1942. Janice was active in the Restaurant Association and was named the industry Man of the Year in 1965.

October is Restaurant Month! And Seattle Transit helped the WSRA in promoting it. Here Janice is posing with Gary Anderson of Seattle Transit.

Photo by: Johnny Closs,Seattle Times

Janice loved children. And she loved to have people enjoy their food. This picture taken at the Washington State Restaurant Association's 1961 picnic for underprivileged children at Idylwood Park on Lake Sammamish. The three boys are (from left) George Medoros, 11; Ted Fabie, 9; and Ted's brother, Pedro, 12. Mrs. Stanley Koskivich, picnic co-chairman, looked on. More than 300 attended the Restaurant Association function..

News Bureau, Pan American World Airways, Honolulu

I've no idea who was going where or when (aside from probably the early 60's) this picture was taken, but Janice Koskivich is giving or receiving some beautiful orchids.

Janice at Longacres

photo credit: John Lincoln


Back in the "old days" the WSRA and then the RASW used to sponsor restaurant days at Longacres. Here was one.


Almost everyone was cropped out of the copy of this photo that appeared in the Restaurant News (see right).


The caption reads: Janice Koskivich, of the Farm Restaurant, Federal Way, with unidentified groom, winner of the second race, Dan Can, and (far right) trainer Rito Castellanos.



photo by Bob Miller, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Didn't I tell you Janice loved children? All I can tell you about this is that the picture ran "1 column wide" (about 2") on page 1 of an issue of Restaurant News and that it was taken by Bob Miller, Seattle P-I.

From a restaurant Association Polynesian event in the late '60s.

May 1969 and The farm gets their Class H License!

photo by Bob Miller, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Mrs. Jeannie (Walter F.) Clark, an unidentified woman, and Janice are admiring the 50th Anniversary plaque that RASW and Jack Gordon created for the 50th birthday of the National Restaurant Association in 1969.

"Photo by Bob Miller of Seattle"

Well, some people found the speaker interesting.

An always smiling Janice. I believe this was taken by John E. Walker and was from a period during the 1980s when Janice was Chapter President for RASW in Mason County.

We close this page with Janice and Marcia Rosellini. That's Janice's husband Jack Flowers in the background. I think this photo was taken at Jack and Janice's house in Shelton.






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