Jim and Aggie Willis, Aggie's, Port Angeles


Jim and Aggie Willis were long time supporters of both the Restaurant and Hotel-Motel Associations in the State of Washington. Jim served a term for both association as their President (RASW President in two terms, 1975-76 and 1976-77). They were the only couple to be honored as Hospitality Industry Hosts of the Year, being named in 1975 for their joint service. Aggie passed away in 1977, while Jim died in 1994.

  Jim and Aggie Willios, Aggie's Inn, Port Angeles
An obviously happy Jim and Aggie Willis

  Aggie's Inn, Port Angeles
And to think it all started from a hot dog stand.

Aggie Willis, Aggie's
Aggie Willis enjoying the great outdoors outside of Port Angeles

  Jim Willis and Jim Russell, Pizza Haven
From one Jim to another
Jim Willis, Aggie's Inn, and Jim Russell, Pizza Haven
  Jim Willis and Joe Lavin
Sitting on yet another panel are Jim Willis and RASW's in-house legal counsel Joe Lavin.
(Photo by Stuart Hertz, Seattle)

  Jim Willis, Bill Pardee, and others
in an early (April 1966) photo are Aggie and Jim Facing Jim is Bill Pardee of Everett.

  Jim and Aggie Willis
OK Honey, I better agree with you.

  Jim Willis with Al Aronica
There was no caption on this photograph, but it looks like they're being introduced at a restaurant convention event. Two unidentified men at the left, Al Aronica in the middle, another unidentified person, and our Jim Willis on the right.

  Jim Willis and Marcia Rosellini
Jim Willis and Marcia Rosellini
From an early RASW Legislative Gala (note the ice sculpture) are Jim and Aggie toasting with an unidentified couple.

  Aggie and Jim with Al Schilling of the Olympic Hotel
Aggie and Jim with Al Schilling of the Olympic Hotel.
Photo by Bob Miller of the Seattle P-I

  Jim Willis, Lee Jenks
In a podium arrangement up at the Rosario Resort, The Washington Plaza Hotel's Lee Jenks (with microphone)  and the Hidden Harbor Restaurant's John Franco seem to be giving Jim an award.
  Bob Seeber, Sen. Sandison, ,and Jim Willis
From 1976 when sideburns were in, RASW's Legislative Counsel Bob Seeber and Jim are presenting State Sen. Sandison with an award.
  Admiring the Menu at Aggie's Inn, Port Angeles
We end this selection of Jim Willis pictures with this shot of four men, one of whom is of course Jim, admiring the menu of the Four-10 Restaurant in Seattle.