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Tore Dybfest, RASW President

RASW President Tore Dybfest, LaConner

Here's Tore's official RASW Presidential Portrait. He served as President for one term during 1983/1984.

Tore and Diana

Tore and his beautiful bride Diana.

1984 Convention Photo

Since RASW terms ran from July 1 through the following June, Tore was lucky enough to be president during the 1984 Pacific International Hospitality Show. That year's theme was "A Streetcar Named Success" celebrating Seattle's new waterfront transportation.

Hospitality Show Mailing Piece,1984

Here's a portion of the Convention's first mailing. The official colors that year were Goldenrod and Blue.

Tore Dybfest, Jim Willis, Max Dale at 1984 Pacific International Hospitality Show reception

The Hospitality Show always opened with a President's Reception in the Penthouse Suite of the Westin Hotel in Seattle. Current RASW President Tore Dybfest is getting ready to accept a handshake from Past Presidents Jim Willis (Aggie's, Port Angeles) and Max Dale of Max Dale's, Mount Vernon.

Bob McClelland, Tore Dybfest, John R Gordon at 1984 Pacific International Hospitality Show reception

Also at the President's Reception are Bob McClelland of New York and John R Gordon, convention manager.

Tore, Jack,and wine

Most likely taken at a Statewide Class H Conference, Here are June Philipsen and Rose Falk from Langguth Winery talking business with Jack Gordon and Tore.

From Vintners.net,we have the following:
The Langguth family has respected wineries on the Mosel river in Germany. In the early 1980's, with all the excitement centered around Washington state Rieslings, they decided to try their hand here, and sent one of the sons to WA with plenty of money to start a fine winery. It was opened in 1982. Jurgen Grieb, a graduate of a German winemaking institute, was brought over from Germany to be its winemaker.
Throughout its history, they've helped many fledgling Washington state wineries get started with custom crushes and lending of facilities.
In 1987, the Snoqualmie Falls Holding Co. (the owners of Snoqualmie Winery) bought controlling interest in the winery, and installed Mike Januik as winemaker. Since then changed name to Saddle Mountain Winery.

Upstairs at The Farmhouse, Mount Vernon

As one of the nicest restaurants in the NW part of the state, RASW often held seminars at Tore's Farmouse in Mount Vernon. Following one meeting of restaurateurs and legislators, we have Tore, Rep. Joan Houchen, Rep. Sim Wilson, and Jack Gordon enjoying a libation.

From the Everett Herald, October 2001:

  Tore Dybfest, founder of the Farmhouse Inn on Highway 22 and, with his wife Diana, the Lighthouse Restaurant in La Conner, passed away Oct. 23. He was 61.

  Dybfest, a native of Norway, found the kitchen his favorite venue and worked as a cook from an early age, including a stint on a private yacht that cruised the San Juan Islands, entertaining dignitaries including former President Richard Nixon. He managed a tourist hotel in Lillehammer, Norway, and a golf club in Portland before opening and managing the Everett Yacht Club.

     He owned the Lighthouse from 1971 to 1999 and the Farmhouse from 1980 to 1999. He also was a partner in the Big Lake Bar and Grill. He served as the youngest president of the Restaurant Association of the State of Washington.


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