As one of the founders of Greater Seattle, Inc., publicity director for the civic organization, and "backup" to Walter Van Camp, Jack made lots of Seattle's civic citizens look good in their honorary roles during Seafair.


The Legend of Seafair

by Jack Gordon and Guy Williams from the 1953 "Seafair Press Book"

Their temples unattended, the Hellenic gods dwell in twilight on cloud-capped Olympus.

The Olympian glories have faded in men's hearts and minds.

Mariners push beyond the horizons of the Aegean world and make the long voyages home - their vessels laden with riches. The tongues and pens of the adven­turers relate strange tales of barbarous and exotic lands. As time is now reckoned, it is the 16th century.

From Olympus, the gaze of Neptune, King of the Sea, turns to the western margin of the oceans where, - just north of the forty-seventh degree of latitude - a caravel courses. In command of the vessel is the Greek voyager, Apostolos Valerianos - known in the service of the Spanish Crown as Juan de Fuca.

Bearing East through the broad Strait which is now his renown, Juan de Fuca logs a pillar of rock to his starboard and probes on past the headland into twenty days of sailing through enchanted isles studding a glorious inland sea.

From Olympus, the eyes of Neptune trace the course of Juan de Fuca's caravel.

Jupiter, chief of the gods, slowly turns his imperial head to sight along the pointing finger of Neptune. Mirrored in the Strait of Juan de Fuca is the snow-clad purity of a delectable mountain range - the eyes of Jupiter sweep to the most majestic of these peaks. At that moment, instantly, as if he were loosing one of the lightning bolts which are at once his toys and symbol of awesome might, the Chief of the Gods makes his decision..... "Here is the new Mount Olympus...here will dwell the old gods in a new land...... leaving the worn, the weary ancient world......."

Thus it comes to pass that in the mid-years of the 20th Century since abandon­ment of man's belief in their powers...that the Olympians yet dwell in a secret stronghold on the highest ramparts of Mt. Olympus.....the new Mount Olympus beside the strait sailed by the Greek mortal Apostolos Valerianos.... known to history as Juan de Fuca.

Forbidden the walks of man, the Olympians are bored. Most restive of all the gods is Neptune....the King of the Seas, as he watches the gallant ships of all the world sail past to the Port of Seattle.

Neptune addresses Jupiter thus: "Brother and Chief....! beseech you to grant me ten days to hold carnival for those who love the sea in the seaport of my choice - Seattle, where dwell on seven hills a salty citizenry who pledge their allegiance as Loyal Subjects of King Neptune. Here, in this Port of Pleasure, I will bid all the immortals of the seven seas.

Jupiter whetted away at a lightning bolt for a. moment .... then of a sudden he seized the bolt and with a twist formed a trident from the lightning of Jupiter.

"Take into your hand, dear Brother Neptune, this trident, symbol of your might forged from a shaft of Olympian lightning. Go walk among the mortals and bid them deck the Port of Pleasure with festive dress and hold carnival for ten halcyon days. Further, let them choose from the mortals the most lovely of their maidens to reign with you .... let the carnival be like unto Fiddlers' Green - that Elysian Field of sailors and vagabond craftsmen where credit . is good and there is always a lass, a glass and a song."

Seizing his trident, buckling to him a shield bearing images of the Horse, the Dolphin and the Pine Tree which are sacred to his name, Neptune, King of the Seas, descended from Olympus to venture once more among mortals.... straightway he called his subject Dolphins to him and commanded these finny creatures to invite sailors from all the ships of the Seven Seas and from the deep-sunken Lockers of Davy Jones to join him in carnival in the Port of Pleasure - Seattle of the Seven Hills and Salty Citizenry.

To the deep dungeons of Davy Jones, ancient enemy of Neptune, who keeps hero mariners in thrall, word comes of Neptune's revels. But joy turns to dark despair as the prisoners are forced back into watery cells at point of the threatening cutlasses of Captain Kidd, Davey Jones' henchman, and his crew of rowdy buccaneers.

But as they despair so pitifully at the bottom of the sea, Captain Vanderdecken, the Flying Dutchman, conspires with a mermaid - a jolly plump mermaid, whom he had enchanted with concertina melodies. This gay lass, controlling happy giggles, swam silently below as the Flying Dutchman's schooner stood by in the dark of the night.

As Davy Jones and Captain Kidd - worn by a day of carousal - snored unaware, the mermaid lifted the keys and turned the cell locks.....

Once aboard the Flying Dutchman, sails are set and Captain Vanderdecken brings about toward Neptune's rendezvous in the Port of Pleasure...Seattle of the Seven Hills....Seattle of Seafair.....Fiddlers' Green.....

Meanwhile, King Neptune waves his trident scepter and gaiety begins...

Flotillas of ships....festooned with flags and pennants put into the piers of the Port of Pleasure......

A banquet of splendor is spread for King Neptune and Nobles of His Loyal Subjects.

The fanfares and ruffles of the Royal Orchestra signal the Coronation of Neptunus Rex.

A court of beauty is held in secret council and from the princesses who aspire is chosen the fairest of all who will reign as Neptune's Queen -the Sea Queen.

At noon, the second day of his reign, Neptune is gladdened by the sight of sail.....it is the schooner of the Flying Dutchman bearing a cheerful deckload of Heroes of the Sea who have escaped from Davy Jones' locker.....

All these join Neptunus Rex in the Grande Parade.....

The next day....a periscope, leaving a wake like a shark's fin and bearing the skull and cross-bones of the Jolly Roger, cleaves the calm water of the Bay.... the undersea craft comes alongside a dock — the hatch opens and spews out Davy Jones, Captain Kidd and the rascally buccaneers - determined to recapture their prisoners and bring the carnival of Seafair to an end.

Now Heralds sound trumpets to gather all Nobles, the heroes of the Seas and the Loyal Subjects of King Neptune into the great Hall of the Port of Pleasure.

The Royal Musicians play, montebanks cavort, choruses give full throat to joyous song as King Neptune ascends his throne.,..

The Royal Herald introduces Nobles of the Realm of King Neptune and they pay their obeisance.....Then the Guests of Honor enter and are introduced as:

Ulysses .... of whom Homer sang, etc.

Ferdinand Magellan, the Circumnavigator, etc.

Leif Ericson, the Norsemen, called the Lucky, etc.

Christopher Columhus, Admiral of the Seas

Sir Francis Drake, First Lord of the British Admiralty

Apostolos Valerianos, a Greek by birth, known in the service of the Spanish Crown as Juan de Fuca

Captain George Vancouver of the Royal British Navy and his Chief Lieutenant, Peter Puget John Paul Jones

These pay their respects, are touched with the trident scepter and as they are about to be seated in a respectful hush.... Davy Jones, Captain Kidd and a motley noisy crowd of buccaneers burst in, but before they can make trouble are quelled by the guard. Davy and Kidd save face by being introduced, accepting the dubbing with the scepter and all are seated with the guests of honor while the buccaneers fall back into the edge of the crowd.

As order is restored, lovely music heralds the entrance of the Princesses on the arms of their escorts....suspense is wrung out of the selection of one of these girls to be Queen of the Seas....she takes her place alongside Neptune on the twin thrones he takes her arm, they lead the grande procession and there ensues the grand ball.......