.Century 21 Image Jack Gordon was very active in creating many of the ideas for Century 21, the Seattle World's Fair held in 1962 for Governor Al Rosellini. During the 6-month long festivities, he ran the "Plaza of the States," which had ceremonies honoring each of the fifty states. Over 40 years after the close of Century 21, the Plaza of the States is still in use and is the location for Seattle's Citizenship Ceremonies. He was later called upon by Governor Dan Evans to create a similar Plaza for Spokane's Expo '74.

Read "The Formula For National Unity," a contemporary article about Jack and the Plaza of the States.


Jack Gordon Day at Century 21

Here's another picture of Jack Gordon on "Jack Gordon Day" at the Century 21 World's Fair. Left to right are Walter Van Camp,  mgr. director of Greater Seattle, Edward E Carlson, Chairman of the Seattle World's Fair Commission, Jack Gordon, and Commissioners Ray Olsen and Victor Rosellini.

From the official Century 21 program

The Plaza of the States, in the center of the fair, presents a stirring tribute to the fifty states of the Union. Flying from poles erected around the rim of the Plaza are the state flags, arranged in order of each state's admission to the union. At the base of each pole is a plaque bearing the state's seal, motto, significant dates in its history, principal products and points of interest. On a platform at the closed end of the Plaza is a huge font of flame, symbolizing unity of the states, which glows continuously throughout the fair. The American and Washington State flags flank a gold reproduction of the state seal of Washington. At night the Plaza is brilliantly illuminated.

Each State is saluted on special days at the fair. During the ceremonies, visiting governors are welcomed, the states' flags are raised and their plaques are unveiled.



Expo '74 -- The Spokane World's Fair

Gordon is shown here with others connected with the Expo '74 Plaza.
Left to right, we have Chas. G. Hord (RASW), Chuck Carpenter (Washington State Patrol), 
Kristi Lee (RASW), Washington State Governor Daniel J. Evans,
Mary Kathleen Rice (RASW), and Gordon.

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