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Jack Gordon




Walla Walla Union Bulletin

April 24, 1964




Evans Raps Hiring P. R. Man to Head Job Agency

By The Associated Press


State Rep. Daniel J. Evans says former Seattle public relations man Jack Gordon was hired as state director of employment security so he could work for Gov. Rosellini's re-election.

Evans, a Seattle Republican seeking his party's nomination for governor, said in his campaign speech in Vancouver, Wash., Wednesday:

"The governor waited ... five full years to fill a vacancy as director of employment security" before appointing Gordon.

"Then the chief responsibilities and duties were shifted from the head and given over to the assistant director, thus freeing the public relations man for the job he was really hired for— working on the reelection of Albert D. Rosellini."

The Democratic governor is expected to announce next month that he will seek a third term.

Meanwhile in Seattle, State Democratic Chairman Frank Keller called upon Evans to produce proof of a statement that a major liquor scandal is due to erupt in the state. Evans made the statement in a speech at Walla Walla Tuesday.

In a news release from State Democratic Headquarters in Seattle, Keller said:

"There is an ugly conspiracy going on among the three candidates (for the Republican nomination for governor) to discredit the operations of the Liquor Board in an attempt to shore up their plan to turn the sale of liquor over to private enterprise."

Evans and his two opponents in the primary—Joseph E. Gandy and Richard G. Christensen —have said they favor eventual private operation of liquor outlets if certain conditions can be met. They have said the revenue the state gains from liquor sales must be replaced and there would have to be adequate conltrols to prevent sales to minors.






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