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Welcome back to the USA, Vets!

Photo: Cpl Malcolm Sprinkle, 6th Army Photo Lan, Seattle P.O.E.

"Welcome home, defenders of Freedom" seems to be the thoughts of, left to right, Jack Gordon, Greater Seattle INC., & MC; Gen. Will F. Dean, as L.A., "Bill" Williams, Chairman of Armed Forces Division, Seattle Chamber of Commerce and Col. E. H. Connor, Port Commander. The four officials were part of the contingent that welcomed home 3200 Korean veterans aboard the MEIGS, 15 May, 1954.


Welcome Lane

Welcome Lane -- One Million Korean War Vets Return through Seattle

  From the November 17, 1951, issue of Collier's, "I See Them Kiss and Cry," an M.P.'s story of Welcome Lane

  Welcome Lane honored by Seattle Chamber with its "Blue Ox Award" for 1951.

  Gordon's 1953 Report to President Eisenhower,

  (Coming soon) Photos of Mrs. Gudrun Baker's "Bank Girls" welcoming the soldiers home.

  Santa Jack welcomes troops to Seattle

  For the one year anniversary of Seattle's Welcome Lane, "Welcome, Korea Vets", Seattle Times, May 4, 1952

  Pageant Magazine's coverage of Gordon's Welcome Lane.

  Gordon and author Paul Lowney

  Newspaper photos from December, 1952: Kay Stevens returns along with the 137th Troop ship to arrive in Seattle.


Veterans of Foreign Wars

Front Page of The Washington Veterans News

Promotional program by the Department of Washington for Charles Ralls at 51st Annual Encampment

Gordon Goes to Washington D.C. for the Veterans of Foreign Wars


Civic Unity Committee

Jack Gordon new president of UGN Agency (NW Progress, Nov 16, 1962

Gordon testifies at Seattle City Council on need for Open Housing in 1963


1960 Election

1960 "Project: Progress" (Rosellini Reelection Event)

Gordon served as a delegate to 1960 Washington State Democratic Convention

Days of the trains. A specialDemocratic Convention Seattle-Spokane and return train was made available to the delegates by Northern Pacific

A New Leader for the 60's. Kennedy For President


Seattle Center

Converting the Seattle World's Fair to the Seattle Center


Washington State

Washington's Long time Lt. Governor John Cherberg

Gordon helps open the new "2nd Lake Washington Floating Bridge"

Jack Gordon to Head Dept.Of Job Security (The Seattle Times)

Newly Created Job Corps Headed by Jack Gordon (AP Story)

State 'Job Corps' is formed to build employment rolls (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Jack Gordon in Olympia

Buy Now, Jobs Now!

"A Citizen's Responsibility" article by Gordon from the Seattle P-I

A 1964 Democratic Presidential Campaign brochure. "For Peace With Security"

From the P-I: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer asked Jack Gordon, official civic greeter for Greater Seattle for almost 20 years, to "cover" the 1968 Presidential campaign  visits of major political candidates to Seattle. Gordon covered campaign stops by Governor Rockefeller, Sen. Gene McCarthy, Sen. Robert Kennedy, Richard Nixon in May, VP Humphrey, and Gov. George Wallace, and Nixon again in September.

Welcoming Home the 9th Infantry in 1969

Meet the Governors

20 Years of Governor/Hospitality Industry meetings in Olympia

Jack Gordon serves as state co-chairman of the Klondike Festival (75th Anniv of Alaska Gold Rush)

Vice Chairman for the Opening of the Kingdome in 1976

Major Jack Gordon

Gubernatorial debates

Thank you from a President

Sixty Years of Gordon and Rosellini

RIP, Dr. Sauvage, 2015


Thanks from the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce

Honorary Cable Car Conductor in 1958

Jack Gordon named "Arkansas Traveler" in 1962


Civic Promotion

The 1969 Seattle Pilots Welcome Rally--Planned in a hospital

National Pea Soup Week!


Williams and Gordon in the early 50's

The Road Ahead, helping Dave Beck and the Teamsters in 1953


Time Magazine

Jack Gordon, 1953 Newsmaker of Tomorrow



From the December 22, 1943 issue of the Sky-Writer, here's Marv Harshman and a Sit-Up Contest

1958 Golden Gloves and A.A.U. Championships

1959's Golden Gloves program

Seattle sends the 1959 Huskies off to Pasadena and the Rose Bowl.

A "tribute" to Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders from 1963

Baltimore Bullets vs LA Lakers played at Neutral Seattle on December 9, 1963

Jaak Gordanovich to Announce U.S.-Soviet Basketball Game from Royal Brougham

The 1967 Seattle Angels Baseball Programs

The 1969 Seattle Pilots Welcome Rally -- Planned in a hospital

1970 and the Second Annual Seattle Pilots' "Opening Day" Lunch

Sam Schulman and the Seattle SuperSonics change Pro Sports forever by bringing Spencer Hayward to Seattle.

the Jan 1971 Program selecting the 1970 Star,

and the 1968 Banquet Program

1980 Seattle P-I Sports Star of the Year Banquet and Award(with pictures!)


... and the rest

Jack helps Pan Am with stewardess training

Gordon active in world premiere of "The Wild Blue Yonder" movie


The world of Jack Gordon

RIP John Pavlick, 1943 O'Dea Graduate

Promoting the Rose Bowl, a booklet

Bill Moyers on the need for Presidential-Press tension. LIFE Magazine in 1965

Angela Davis and Gun Control. LIFE Magazine in 1970

From the April 19, '76, issue of the Seattle P-I, "The Death of Danny Boy"..







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