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Work To Begin On State's Entry in Pasadena Parade


Seattle leaders discuss 1959 Rose Bowl float

EDWARD (EDDIE) BLACK (extreme right) points to Paul Bunyan in artist's preliminary sketch of the float which Washington State will enter in the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena as he and others in this group complete plans for the float entry. The others in the interested group are (left to right) Jack Gordon, who is a member of the State of Washington Activity Committee for the Rose Bowl, of which Black is chairman, and W. B. (Bud) Stuht, Otto Brandt, Neil T. MacNeil and Arthur Gerbel, who were appointed by Black as an advisory sub-committee.  (Post-Intelligencer Photo.)


From an unbylined article in the December 11, 1959, issue of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Work will begin today on Washington State's float for Pasadena's Tournament of Roses, and it will be "the biggest or one of the biggest" floats in the parade, Edward (Eddie) Black, chairman of the State of Washington Activity Committee for the Rose Bowl, reported yesterday.

THE FLOAT WILL be 60 feet long, 17 feet high and 20 feet wide with "Paul Bunyan and the Evergreen State of Washington" as its theme. Theme of the parade will be "Tall Tales and True."

Fresh flowers, 250,000 of them, will depict a 17-foot-tall Paul Bunyan towering over Mount Rainier, the Grand Coulee Dam, Washington's State's forests and Seattle's Lake Washington on the spectacular entry from this state. A big red salmon, also fashioned of flowers, will appear to be leaping below the dam. A hydroplane, to be named Miss Evergreen State, will tow Miss Washington (Sharon Vaughn of Seattle) who will be there in person on water skis in the floral lake. The Century 21 insignia and "1962" will also be lettered on the hydroplane.

FOUR OTHER QUEENS of the state will be invited to ride on the float: Seattle's Queen of the Seas Diane Gray, Ellensburg's Rodeo Queen Linda Anderson, Wenatchee's Apple Blossom Festival Queen Beverly McKain and Spokane's Lilac Festival Queen Donna Jeanne Goodell.

Walter Van Camp, who, as managing director of Greater Seattle, Inc., has been assigned to invite the queens, reported that the Seattle and Wenatchee queens have already accepted.

Final plans for the float were approved yesterday at a meeting called by Black in the Washington Athletic Club. Black and his committee, Jack Gordon, Seattle, coordinator for Gov. Albert D. Rosellini. and H. Dewayne Kreager, Olympia, state director of commerce and industry, met with an advisory group. The group included Arthur Gerbel, public relations manager, KOMO; Otto Brandt, vice president, King Broadcasting Co.; Neil T. MacNeil, promotion manag­er, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and W. B. (Bud) Stuht, assistant advertising manager, The Seattle Times.

THE FLOAT WILL cost between $17,000 and $20,000, of which $15,000 has already been pledged, Black reported.

THE MONEY IS being donated by public-spirited citizens, organizations and groups. Anyone wishing to contribute may send the money to the Rose Bowl Committee, P. O. Box 693, Seattle, Wash.

The float will be built in Pasadena, by Coleman Enter­prises, of Pasadena.

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