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Jack Gordon




Pro Basketball in Seattle in 1963

Your invitation to watch The Lakers and the Bullets in Seattle, Decewmber 9, 1963

The mailing sent to Greater Seattle members top purchase tickets to see pro basketball in Seattle in 1963.

Back in the days before the Seattle Supersonics, people in Seattle who wanted to watch live pro basketball had to take their opportunities when they came.

Late 1963 was one of those opportunities as Jack Gordon and Greater Seattle arranged a game between the Los Angeles Lakers (finished 42-38) and the Baltimore Bullets (finished 31-49). The Lakers vanquished the Bullets by a healthy margin (134-120) despite having played in San Francisco against the Warriors just the night before. Baltimore had the previous night off after having lost the night of the 7th to Boston.

This game was played in the Seattle Center Arena (on Mercer Street) as the World's Fair Washington State Coliseum was being renovated for use.

[Editor's note: I think I was at this game because I have memories of having met and shaken hands with the Seattle University Chieftain great Elgin Baylor. Baylor played for Seattle U for two seasons -- 1956-57 and 1957-58 before joining the Minneapolis Lakers. I would have been nine when this game was played. Jack Gordon announced the Seattle U home games from the mid-50s through to the late 60s and very well could have been the voice of the arena this evening.]







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