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Wed., April 21, 1965

The Morning After

 Here Comes The Russians
To Challenge Yank Cagers

By Royal Brougham

We saw the Bolshoi Ballet troupe. They were great. Nicki Khrushchev, he wasn't so hot. Comes now the Soviet basketball champs, challenging the Yankees at America's own game, a true international spectacular including one referee from Hungary, another from Brazil, with Olympic Games rules speeding up the game.

Alert for every emergency, the versatile 13th Naval District Band has even mastered the Soviet National Anthem for the occasion.

Most courageous man in the Arena will be the an­nouncer Jaak Gordonovich (Jack Gordon) whose usually glib and gifted tongue may have trouble introducing Armenak Alachachyan, Vyacheslav Khrynin, Zurab Saakandelidze and the rest of the Russian athletes.

A corp of assistants from the foreign language department of the University of Washington will be on hand in case Jaak's vocal chords crack up under the ordeal.

But the game's the thing.

The magnificent showing of the U.S. squad in Las Vegas was cheering news. But the big, rough Muscovites showed they are aggressive and spirited. They charge like Cossacks. All they need is a sabre and a horse, and they'd look like the famous Russian Light Brigade.









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