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1940 O'Dea High School Seattle
Graduating Class

Here are seven pages of graduating Seniors from O'Dea High School (one of 7 of Seattle's Catholic Highs) in 1940. 83 Young men in total. With their graduation taking place about 18 months before the attack on Pearl Harbor, many of them enlisted in the various branches of the military or in the merchant marines during World War II. When I have come across a page on the web for one of them, I have linked to it. Many only show up in the 1940 census. Feel free to send me links to any of your relatives that appear here.

[Editor's note: I grew up looking through this and assumed that it was my dad's annual. There are several inscriptions that didn't fit for a guy named Jack or John, but I had thought it was just a mistake or perhaps boyish pranks. I recently separated the front endpaper from the front cover and saw that this copy actually belonged to a freshman, Charles E. Dixon. I hope he doesn't mind it having gone missing for these many years.]


From The 1940 Olympian

Gene Voiland . . . . . Editor
Tom Barber . . . . . .  Associate Editor
John Gordon . . . . .  Managing Editor
Bob Beattie . . . . . Business manager

1940 O'Dea High School (Seattle) Seniors

Walter J. Aegerter, Roscoe A. Balch, Robert L. Bammert, Thomas M. Barber, Robert E. Beattie, Frederick J. Bentler, Nicholas A. Branica, Harold C. Bridge, Donald M. Brown, Carl A. Buck, Walter F. Clark, Jack A. Clynch


1940 O'Dea High School (Seattle) Seniors

Theodore P. Cummings, Bernard C. Cunningham, William S. Dahlem, John F. Daly, William J. Dermody, Melvin J. Deweese, Roger J. Dixon, Arthur E. Doran, Francis E. Doyle, John S. Epps, Donald J. Fiatti, Terence J. Fitzpatrick


1940 O'Dea High School (Seattle) Seniors

Edward W. Funsfinn, Edwin R. Gardner, Robert F. Gilman, John F. Gordon, James G. Gower, Guy A. Granger, Jean A. Gregg, Kenneth R. Guichard, Edwin J. Halliwell, Edward M. Higgins, Richard J. Hoss, Robert J. Hughes


1940 O'Dea High School (Seattle) Seniors

James F. Hyatt, James J. Johnson, Edward S. Johnston, John F. Kinney, Mark A. Knowlton, William A. Mack, John P. McClean, John E. McKay, Francis S. McKee, Jerome F. McMahon, Donald E. McMichael, Wilby E. Means


1940 O'Dea High School (Seattle) Seniors

Michael H. Moynihan, Vincent M. Murphy, Vincent A. Nastos, Theodore A. Niehoff, Paul H. Nomura, Francis A. Nute William J. O'Brien, Robert L. Odom, William C. Pechiney, Donald R. Peck, John J. Perry, Wade A. Peterson


1940 O'Dea High School (Seattle) Seniors

Anthony J. Poplawski, John F. Redmond, Clark E. Rogerson, Edward W. Rowe, Eupert R. Rudolph, Dennis J. Ryan, John E. Ryan, Patrick J. Ryan, William H. Secker, Marvin E. Seymour, Patrick J. Shaughnessy, Leo B. Sprauer


1940 O'Dea High School (Seattle) Seniors

Joseph M. Swarva, Albert J. Sweeney, Donald G. Tembreull, Kenneth W. Thomas, James B. Tyo, John W. Van Horn, Eugene E. Voilland, Hugh P. Wallace, Richard J. Walsh, James E. Woods, Joseph T. Zipp




Eugene E. Voiland, 94, of the Holmstad Retirement Community in Batavia, Illinois, passed away Wednesday, December 7, 2016, at Michealsen Health Care. He was born November 17, 1922, in Seattle, WA the son of Frank and Stella (Drolet) Voiland. He was united in marriage to Catherine Mayer, February 19, 1946. Gene served his country as a co-pilot of a B-17 plane flying over 30 missions in Europe during World War II.

The enjoyment of having a large family was one of Gene's favorite passions with emphasis on laughter, challenges, honor and respect being most important. He also enjoyed seeing all his children develop through the years and greatly enjoyed all the grandchildren.

Gene was a highly-respected scientist, working at General Electric, Battelle Northwest, and Argonne National Laboratory and enjoyed the challenges of his work and contributing to the betterment of society. Gene and Cay enjoyed their retirement years, travelling throughout the world, where they established many friendships and great memories. They also were devout members of the Roman Catholic Church and lived their lives following the word of God.

He is survived by his loving wife Catherine, Batavia, Illinois; twelve children, Gene (Linda), Bill, Jim (Karin), Mary (Bob), Cathy (Sherwin), Joe (Cindy), Ruth (Ted), Paul (Jean), Dan (Sue), Joanne (Mike), Anne (Tim) and Eileen (Gina); and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his two brothers Joe and Rich Voiland. A Mass will be celebrated 2:30 P.M. Monday, December 12, 2016, at Holy Cross Catholic Church 2300 Main Street Batavia, IL.








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