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The Sky-Writer, Pasco NAS newspaper logotype


From Page One of the May 25, 1945, issue of The Sky-Writer, the newspaper of the Pasco Naval Air Station.


Sky-Writer Loses 'Flash' Gordon Editor-in-Chief

The Sky-Writer lost its editor-in-chief this week when transfer orders dispatched Jack "Flash" Gordon, S1c, to the Receiving Ship, Bremerton, for a pending sea-duty assignment.

Gordon has served as editor of the station newspaper for 20 months, assuming the post in mid-August of 1943 when the original Sky-Writer editor Jack Ryan, QM3c, was detached.

A former Seattle newsman, Gordon has been attached to the Public Relations Office since his assignment here. He was active in many extra curricular groups here, promoting a station radio program and several theatrical undertakings.

It was under Gordon's direction that The Sky-Writer increased from its former magazine size style to its present 8-page tabloid format  to rank with the best of the nation's service publications.

A sports writer in civilian life, he promoted the famed "man of the year" sports banquet here as well as the summer golf tournament at the Kennewick links.

His transfer brings to seven the number of Sky-Writer staff members who have been sent to sea.

Before Gordon logged out Wednesday he was summoned before Lt. Comdr. W. H. Baldwin, Acting Commanding Officer, for a Meritorious Mast in recognition of Gordon's untiring efforts which brought The Sky-Writer to its present status as one of the 10 best service papers.



Thru the Sporthole column (The Sky-Writer, Pasco NAS)


WHEN JACK (FLASH) GORDON logged out at the OOD's desk last Wednesday morning en route to Bremerton and probably, later, to a sea-going assignment, he brought to an end a strange saga in the history of this Naval Air Station.

For Jack was the flashy fireball sports editor, editor-in-chief, art editor and what-have-you man around The Sky-Writer office.

For the last two seasons, in fact, it can be said that Jack Gordon, alias Pres Rowe, F. L. Ash, Woody Reek and others, really gave his local blade its baptism of fire. He started giving the place the Gordon touch (nothing scurrilous intended) back in 1942.

It was through Gordon's tireless efforts that such notable events as the Man-of-the-Year contest and annual All-Station Golf Tournaments were sponsored.

His pride and joy was helping promote the finest in sporting activities around the ol' NAS campus.

And, whatever was happening, be it a hog-calling contest over at the Waves' galley or a crap game down at Hangar three, Gordon, it was, who always was on tap. Always there ready to give it full coverage.

So, in passing, let us remember Flash, the sports editor "par excellence" but a sailor for Uncle Sam first. He may have stowed his gear and left these familiar stomping grounds for the remainder of his tour of duty in the Navy. But John Q. Phan (that's us) won't forget his drive and ability in the field of NAS sports.

One of Gordon's last acts here was to turn the Sports department over to this writer with the following cautionary note:

"I told youse in last week's obituary that I wuz leaving so I guess you've probably thought by now that I would be a silent voice in The Sky-Writer long before this . . . Contrary to that, however, here's a voice from the grave, so to speak, to introduce the big Irish bum by the name of Mike Caraher who is taking over the plush red sports editor's seat at Pasco's peerless periodical . . . Folks, Mike is the guy who started the joke about the chicken who crossed the road, and if he and I were both working at this sports tripe writing the Civil War a few years back would look like Greandma Pickenquash's weekly Sunday School picnic . . . Seriously speaking, though, Mike, the Training department's fair-haired child, has taken a not too easy job on of being No. 1 sports promoter on this old campus and your cooperation in giving him a little help along with a knock when he needs it is hereby requisitioned by your old neighbor who once sold apples at this same stand . . ."







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