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World War II -- Jack Gordon and the U. S. Navy


Jack and crew relaxing

U.S. Navy Photo

1943 saw Jack Gordon (center), S2c, Editor-in-Chief of The Sky-Writer, relaxing with a couple of buddies.


Jack Gordon in World War II

The 1943 Fourth of July NAS Pasco Flyers-Army All-Stars Baseball Classic

"Lace," A Birthday Gift from Cartoonist Milton Caniff

Useful News from The Sky-Writer: 'Lashing your Hammock' from The Sky-Writer, August 3, 1943

NW Progress recognizes Gordon's writing abilities

Hammocks get Heave-Ho, New Sea Bag Introduced from The Ship's Log, August 3, 1945

Three former NASites, including Jackie Souders, meet in Pearl Harbor

John Gulbransen leaves NAS Pasco for sea duty

April 12, 1945. When a President Dies

Home Is The Sailor, Home From the Sea. Gordon on the Passing of President Roosevelt on April 20, 1945

Editor Gordon asks for prayers for the new President and Commander-in-Chief From the Sea.

May 8, 1945, VE Day covered by Jack Gordon

S1C Gordon reassigned from Pasco NAS to Bremerton Receiving Station (The Sky-Writer, May 25, 1945)

From Bremerton PSNY (or Seattle in this case), Jack's column for June 15, 1945, in The Sky-Writer

Bob Trestler Fans 17 Marines as R/S Team wins 4-1 (August 3, 1945)

Jack's coverage of V-J Day in Bremerton as editor of The Ship's Log

From the end of 1945, Editor Gordon's advice to sailors in a hurry to get home (The Swan Islander)

Swabbin' the Deck, The Sky-Writers, The Swan Islander, and more

It's March 7, 1946, and guess who's celebrating his discharge.






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