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Jack Gordon





THE SKY-WRITER, PASCO, WASHINGTON, Wednesday, March 9, 1943


Swabbin' the Deck with Jack Gordon, S1c

By Jack Gordon


Some red-hot baseball action is on tap for the Pasco NAS cadets and stationkeepers when Lieut. W. W. McKalip's new athletic program gets under way!

The "new deal", aside from being a great athletic conditioner, will help form an inter-company baseball league thanks to the equipment placed at the disposal of company teams by the athletic department and the help of the Pasco citizenry.

The Pasco high school authorities have generously donated the use of their prep baseball diamond for use by NAS teams and a resurfacing job is on tap through the cooperation of the Pasco City and Franklin County Engineering departments.

That's the starter!

But it'll be up to those individual barrack companies to keep the ball a'rolling. If all hands pitch in, the inter-company leagues can be organized to battle for the NAS championship.

The new program offers a great opportunity for sports participation by all hands and is well-worth the effort, so let's get hot on this plan and give baseball a real inning aboard the NAS this summer!

*  *  *

We See By The Papers .....

That Seaman Johnny Kinney's brother Paul is the new trainer for the Seattle Rainiers ... Johnny's the former national amateur ice skating champ of the Ice Follies review ... a Seattle sports writer took a crack at the Pasco Flyers hoapsters' selections on their all-opponent teams because the[y] failed to name a U. W. player on the first string ... evidently the Flyers felt that the Huskies didn't rate first team ... since the selections were based on the U.W. showing against Pasco and not the final standings of the Pacific Coast basketball conference ... Individually speaking, of course ... Kenesaw "Mountain" Landis, the high mukky muk of baseball, will eye reports on the tests given the new Balata-Cork center ball March 12 ... Al Weil announces he'll handle Arturo Godoy when the South American heavyweight champ invades the U. S. for a possible crack at the "duration title" ... Joe DiMaggio's at the Santa Ana Army Air Force training school ... but "he's just a buck private in the Army" says his C.O. and "anything he does from now on will be up to him!" And that is that.

*  *  *

Busiest place on the NAS these not-so-warm evenings is the bowling alley where Bob Elgin and Horace "Babe" Williams have their hands full keeping the various officers' and enlisted mens' leagues running smoothly. Both boys have been really hopping ... and thanks to their assistants have kept the alley up to par and the league action on schedule.

Both the officers' and enlisted mens' leagues have been setting a torrid pace and the coming championship battles will be well worth seeing.

Alley pin-notes:

Al Jones' sailor team really took the Walla Walla soldiers for a ride last Sunday ... the soldiers, winners of the first meeting, are still wondering where the gobs got all their power but a closer check'll reveal that Leo Glassner had a hand in the business, and the sharp-shooting barber is a mighty tough customer to meet on anybody's alley ...







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