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By Jack Gordon


TWO IMPORTANT dates on your sports calendar are Wednesday afternoon, August 11 (that's tomorrow) and next Tuesday night, August 17. The Wednesday date is that all-star softball game on the Pasco football field, which has been converted into a softball diamond for two all-star teams from the station to play what the boys promise, to be the "game of the year."

The other date is the night of the station smoker. Some seven bouts are planned for the ring which will be set up in the Recreation Hall thanks to Lieut. Howard Greer's okeh to pass up a "movie" for the night so that the only "drawing card" would be the smoker!

TWO IMPORTANT dates. To the players and fighters who are participating belong the heartfelt thanks of all hands. But the way to show appreciation for that effort is to turn out for those events.

How about it?

* * *


The circulation of The Sky-Writer extends over a vast portion of the States as well as many overseas posts judging from the mail that comes in passing on the word that the station paper has been received. Here's [unreadable] on the remarks of Bill Kinney, Electrician's Mate serving with the Pacific Fleet. Says Bill, former Seattle ice hockey star, in his letter datelined "Pearl Harbor": "My brother Johnny sends the paper down here every week. I pass it on to the Ship's Chaplain and he in turn gives it to the 'Skipper.' Everyone who reads it thinks it's swell!" ... if there's any would-be claimant to the station badminton crown, he'll have to see Chief Specialist Webster about it. ... "Chief "Webb" has been turning some durn fancy tricks on the Drill Hall courts ... and is challenging all comers for the mythical "title" ... Julie Plizga, of the Women's Reserve, seems to be the current hotshot of the WAVE bowlers ... Julie has turned in some promising scores of late ... it's too bad, tho, that the W.R.'s don't organize a team of their own and give the men-folks a few lessons ... softball play in the station loop resumes finally on August 13. ...

* * *


Gunder Hagg, Swedish wonder runner, may be all set to pack his bags and re­turn to the "old country" ... but they're trying to get the swift Swede to heed the challenge of Pvt. Donald Blair, former Dartmouth track ace, who wants to race the Hagg under the same conditions Blair had when he won the mile championship at Camp Stewart, Ga. Blair won that one in 6 minutes, 31 seconds wearing GI shoes and carrying a pack and a rifle!


Here's a look at the front page of The Sky-Writer for Wednesday, August 10, 1943.

Plus Mystery about Station Smoker....


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