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Swabbin' the Deck with Jack Gordon, S1c



ADVANCEMENT IN RATING came this week to John Kinney, former National Amateur figure skating champion . . . the ex-Ice Follies star was advanced to athletic spe­cialist, third class and will be detached to the Bainbridge, Maryland training station next week . . . the trip East won't be anything new to the youthful frozen water star . . .

Pat Ryan, NAS Pasco, boxer


Kinney has traveled the width and breadth of the Middle West and East in his professional ice skating tours. . . Pesky Vince Paveskovich, who followed Edo Vanni and other ex-Pasco Flyer baseball players to the Maryland school writes to advise that "things are good and rugged back here" and to advise that Vanni and Rube Sandstrom have made First Class Petty Officer ratings . . . the boys will be transferred soon to either Armed Guard duty or assigned to other shore stations. . . . Trade Note: ex-Editor Jack Ryan is attending gunnery school at San Francisco these days after which he goes to sea . . . wonder if there isn't some fistic talent in the NAS Band ranks? . . .the boys have some hotshot softball and basketball players on the premises but no boxers have turned up ... how about doing a little scouting on that situation Nat Riddick? . . . we owe an orchid or somethin' to Dick Bonham, Athletic Specialist, for the bang-up jobs he's doing in supplying us with data on the NAS basketball teams . . . thanx Richard.

* * *             * * *

THE DECISION this week of Moe Stewart to refuse a rematch with Johnny Haines is regretable, especially to the many Stewart fans who would like to see the youth­ful A & R pug in action again. . .

* * *             * * *

LOOK WHO'S stepping back into the squared circle, anxious for another bout. "Tis none other than the smilin' Irishman, P. J. "Pat" Ryan, former Washington State College boxer, who's been quietly putting himself in shape-down in the Drill Hall these cool p. m.'s ... "Now," says Irish Patrick, "I'm ready to challenge all comers in the next smoker!" . . . Pat dropped a decision in the first station smoker to Larry Nicolich and is hankerin' for a return scrap with Nick. "But after all Larry's married now," moans Ryan, "and you know how that is." . . . likely opponent for Pat is Johnny Boitano, the ex-Ballard H. S. and U. W. gridder who won a slam-bang battle over fellow Tarmac Blackie McManis in the last card . . . Ryan has to his credit some seven wins while boxing at W.S.C. and well as several verdicts copped in Seattle at the Wash­ington Athletic Club. ... "Whether it be a Callahan, Murphisky or a Cohen, just get me a match—I'll take care of the rest!" demands P. J. . . . Chief Stent please take a note. ...







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