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Visit of Queen Elizabeth II,1983

1983 Saw Jack serving as chairman of the Royal Visit by HM Elizabeth II of Great Britain and her husband the prince. Here, the Queen and Prince Philip descend the stairs of Air Force One into a typically soggy Seattle day. Note that the Queen is carrying her own umbrella.

Unfortunately this shot is a bit blurry, but here is Jack holding an umbrella over Governor John Spellman, while the Queen still holds her own umbrella. Your webmaster was in the receiving line, carrying Washington State's First Lady's purse. (Ask him, he'll tell you the story.) 


Here's a composite photo of the Restaurant Association staff who helped check people into the RoyalReception held at Seattle's Westin Hotel, later in the day.  (l to r are)  Tracy Alishio, Linda Macintosh, Mary Pederson, Carol Wright, and Debbie O'Connor.


Invitation to reception with Queen Elizabeth II
Introduction Card for reception with Queen Elizabeth II

Here is one of the invitations that came from the office of Washington State's Governor Spellman.


Washington Governor John Spellman escorting the Queen into the Reception at the Westin.


Frits Gehner, Queen Elizabeth II

The Westin Seattle's Director of Catering Frits Gehner and an unknown waitress serve the Queen with a Washington wine.


John Spellman, Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is introduced to a guest by Washington Governor John Spellman.


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Following the reception at the Westin Hotel, a select number of Seattle area dignitaries -- including Jack Gordon -- were invited to meet privately with the Queen and Prince Philip aboard their royal yacht, Brittania. After the Queen personally thanked each, they were presented with an autographed photo of the Royal Couple.

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