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NASA Gemini and Apollo Astronaut Richard Gordon visits Seattle


Gemini Astronaut Richard Gordon visits Seattle

Gemini 11 Astronaut Richard Gordon (visit coordinator Jack Gordon is in background) as Gordon visits Seattle's Blessed Sacrament Grade School, where Jack Gordon's children attended.


Gemini Astronaut Richard Gordon visits Seattle


Here's a close-up of Astronaut Gordon, with a young John R Gordon in the background. Gordon had flown in Gemini 11 the previous fall with Astronaut Pete Conrad. On the flight, Gordon performed two Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVAs), including attaching a tether to the Agena and retrieving a nuclear emulsion experiment package.


Of course, Jack Gordon being Jack Gordon, there was an Honor Banquet for the visiting Astronaut.


Welcome Home Richard Gordon cacheted event cover from 1966

Gordon visits again in 1970

Gemini Astronaut Richard Gordon visits Seattle


In this picture (scanned from the January 8, 1970, edition of the Boeing News), Apollo XII Astronaut Gordon is shaking hands with T. A. Wilson, Boeing president. U.S. Senator Warren G. "Maggie" Magnuson is partially hidden at Gordon's right; while Mary, Ann, and John Gordon (children of visit chairman Jack Gordon) are at Wilson's right.



NASA Gemini Astronaut Richard Gordon Jr.


Here's Gordon's official NASA portrait as Gemini XI pilot.


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