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So, I'm on the phone to my mom....  "Say, mom, do you remember that actor from the 40s and 50s named Jack Carson?" "Sure," she says after 4 or 5 seconds, "I remember him. Jack knew him."

(Here's some background, so you can know him as well:  Carson was one of the most popular character actors during the 'golden age of Hollywood', with a film career spanning the 1930s, '40s and '50s. During his career, he worked at RKO, MGM (cast opposite Myrna Loy and William Powell in Love Crazy), but most of his memorable work was at Warner Brothers. Carson's trademark was the wisecracking know it all who eventually and typically was undone by his own excessive self-confidence. )

Actor Jack Carson

"OK," says I... "when did you meet him? And do you remember being kissed by him?" "Well, I really don't remember," she said. "I've got a photograph... " I said. "I'll have to see that picture" said my mom.

Too bad she's not on the Internet.

Jack Gordon and Jack Carson getting ready to kiss Roberta Gordon in the late 1940s

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