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Meert Jack Gordon and Washington's Governors

It seems that whenever people get together with Jack Gordon, they have fun. And Washington State's Governors are no exception...

Seated are Governor John Spellman, Eddie "Catfish" Banchero (E & E Meats, Seattle), and Governor Dan Evans.

Jack Gordon singing, Gov., Dixy Lee Ray, Gary Wilson

Gordon, Governor Dixy Lee Ray, and Hotel Association President Gary Wilson (Vance Hotels, Seattle) at one of the Restaurant Association's Legislative Galas.

Gordon amuses Governor and Mrs. Booth Gardner.

Jack Gordon, Gov & Mrs Gardner, Gov. Ray, Secty of State Munro

Photo by John E Walker, Seattle

Most likely the 1987 Legislative Gala and everyone's singing but Jean. Left to right are Jack Gordon, Governor Booth Gardner, Mrs. Jean Gardner, , Gov. Dixy Lee Ray, and Secretary of State Ralph Munro.

John Spellman, Al Rosellini, Jack Gordon, Dixy Lee Ray, Dan Evans, Booth Gardner

The final Washington State Hospitality Industry Legislative Ball - organized by Jack and held biennially from 1967 through 1991 - saw Washington State's five living Governors salute our Man of the Hour -- Jack Gordon.  Here are John Spellman (1981-1985), Al Rosellini (1957-1965), Jack Gordon, Dixy Lee Ray (1977-1981), Dan Evans (1965-1977), and finally Booth Gardner (1985-1993).

Jack Gordon with Lt. Governor John and Betty Cherberg in 1984.

He wasn't governor, but here are long-time Lt. Governor John and Betty Cherberg and Gordon at the opening dinner for the 1984 Pacific International Hospitality Show dinner. As you may notice,Jack wasn't at his best. He had just been discharged from the hospital after spending 44 days there following complications following back surgery. John Cherberg and Jack Gordon had a long-term relationship having become friends at least by the time of Cherberg's first election as Lt.Governor in 1956.

Here's Jack Gordon, Jean Gardner, John R Gordon, Roberta Gordon, and a young Booth Gardner at the Governor's Mansion in Olympia.






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