As one of the founders of Greater Seattle, Inc., publicity director for the civic organization, and "backup" to Walter Van Camp, Jack made lots of Seattle's civic citizens look good in their honorary roles during Seafair.


Here's "King Neptune"


Here's how an early Seafair Press Guide described the beginnings, "Seafair had its birth in the minds of a few men who believed that Seattle as a pleasure-boating center should be pointed up. They formed an organization known as Greater Seattle, Inc., to direct the Seafair and like most city-sponsored events it has as one of its prime aims the attracting of tourists to the city. While it accomplishes that aim, Seafair has the added attraction of really reflecting the city's maritime background and heritage. The cost of staging Seafair with all its events is not slight and it is defrayed by memberships in the organization and by the sale of "Skipper" pins at $1 each, a souvenir of the maritime carnival. A distinctive souvenir of the carnival, the pin is a ship's wheel crossed by a replica of the Slo-Mo-Shun."

From the 1953 Seafair Press Book (designed for Press * Radio * TV * Newsreel) comes Jack's "Legend of Seafair". Next year, Jack refined and shortened his Seafair Legend Story a bit.

The Seafair Pirates credit Jack as one of the guiding lights for the beginnings of Seafair the Pirates and even call him Captain Kidd #0. Here are their words, "While Jack Gordon never swung a cutlass at the head of our pirate crew, perhaps he should by rights be remembered as Captain Kidd number zero. Because Gordon eventually found himself head of Greater Seattle Inc. running the whole Seafair festival. If any man can be said to have “controlled” the Seafair Pirates then Gordon certainly did, through loyal lieutenants like Captain Ralph Ryder, Captain Don Reed, Captain Bob McCurdy and Captain Bill Beebe. The Seattle Seafair Pirates owe these men a lot. They set up the program we still follow today."

Taken from the 1955 Press Guide is this history of Gold Cup Hydro Racing in the U.S.A. A page with several of the Hydroplane Race Press Guides.





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