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Seattle University alumni pay tribute to Jack Gordon in 1969


In 1969, Seattle University honored Jack Gordon as its Distinguished Alumnus of the Year.

In the May 14, 1969, issue of The Capitol Hill Times (Seattle), Editor Louis Magrini wrote, "The longest lunch I ever attended was for Saturday's presentation by Seattle U Alumni to Jack Gordon, the flack who thinks big. It was a few minutes before 4 p.m. before Gordon's turn came at the mike,but nobody seemed to mind.  Gordon introduced his family in the audience including his mother-in-law. It was the first time I ever heard a good word for mothers-in-law and I hope it's a trend. It will be refreshing after all the bad jokes by comedians about one of the best friends married couples ever had." [Webmaster: according to published reports, Fr.Neil McCluskey went on and on in his talk about why Catholic colleges needed to increase their "world view" and lessen their Catholic foundations in order to become even more Catholic.]


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Seattle Mayor Miller and the Seattle City Council proclaim May 10, 1969 as Jack Gordon Day









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