Jack Gordon -- "Mr. Seattle"

"There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn't mind who gets the credit."

Ronald W. Reagan


Jack Gordon, one of TIME Magazine's Newsmakers of Tomorrow in 1953

Jack Gordon spent his life following Reagan's maxim and except for his byline, he never sought recognition for himself, just for the project or event that he was currently working on. However, he couldn't stop the press from writing about him. Read about Jack Gordon and some of his accomplishments in this section.

Jack Gordon and Richard Nixon

Presidents, Governors, Astronauts, Heads of State. When they came to Seattle, Jack Gordon served as chairman of their official visit. Pictures and stories abound in this section of JackGordon.org.

New York State Honor Day with host Gov. Albert D. Rosellini, NY Governor Rockefeller, and Jack Gordon

Appointed by Governor Rosellini in 1961 as "Special Advisor for Special Events" for the Dept. of Commerce, Jack created the "Plaza of the States" concept for the Seattle World's Fair, Century 21 in 1962. Initially planned to simply honor each state, the Plaza -- in the center of the Fair -- quickly  became the location for most of the Fair's special events.

Welcome Lane, under Jack Gordon, welcomed some One Million Veterans home from Korea

Jack loved his country and spent his life helping her. Starting with naval service in WWII, the VFW, welcoming a million veterans home from Korea, volunteering with both the Democratic and Republican parties, serving as Washington's Commissioner of Employment Security in 1963-65, Public Defense official in the '60s and '70s, National Guard duty, membership in the Police Chiefs/Sheriffs Assn.

Seafair, 1950

From 1950 through the mid 60's with a couple of side trips through Seattle U sports, Century 21, and commissioner of Employment Security, Jack was the guiding light behind Greater Seattle. Seafair, Hydroplanes on Lake Washington, parades, the Seafair Pirates, the Aqua Theatre.
This section also includes some activities that were incorporated into Seafair such as the Washington State Press Club's Ale & Quail Society who formed the original Seafair Pirates.

Pat Lesser, Jack Gordon, Fr. Lemieux, and the O'Brien Brothers, 1955

Jack started working in SU's Athletic Department in 1947. He handled sports publicity for the University for the next 10 years and announced the Chieftains' home  basketball games into the late 60's. He was honored by SU as a Distinguished  Alumni in 1969 and inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame for the 1958 NCAA Championship in 2008 and individually in 2011.

Jack Gordon (at typewriter) and staff aboard NAS Pasco Sky-Writer

Jack's Naval service during 1942-1946 saw him serve in Pasco, Bremerton, and Swan Island (Portland, Ore.)

Jack Gordon and Restaurant Association Board in 1966

Formed in 1966 from a merger of the Washington State Restaurant Assn, the Class H Assn., and the lobbying arm of the Hotel-Motel Association, Jack was the Restaurant Association of the State of Washington's exec from its beginning through 1992. Visit this part of the site to see pictures of most of Washington's restaurateurs as well as meetings, conventions, and other outings from the last third of the 20th century. Jack served as the chief executive of the State Lodging Association during the 1980s.


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