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Jack Gordon and the United States Navy in World War II


Following his Navy enlistment, Jack was assigned to the Pasco (Washington) Naval Air Station. Although only 20, his journalism experience writing for The Catholic NW Progress, the O'Dea newspaper, and the Seattle Star, gave Jack the abilities and background be be assigned to the Station's Public Relations Office.

Jack started with The Sky-Writer at the Pasco NAS as a staff writer, progressing over next two-and-a-half the years to Sports Editor and finally Managing Editor. (On his departure in May of 1945, Jack received a Meritorious Mast, an article on the front page of The Sky-Writer, and his commemoration in an editorial. Jack was reassigned to Bremerton and the Receiving Station at the Puget Sound Naval Yard where he edited The Ship's Log. He was stationed in Bremerton when WWII was decisively ended by the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Jack's final assignment in the U.S. Navy during the second world war was at the Naval Barracks at Swan Island, just outside of Portland, Oregon, where he edited The Swan Islander.





Some of the sailors who served with Jack Gordon in WWII. Picture from JackGordon.org

Photography by F.L.Ash

Some of the men who saved the world.

Gathered outside the Supply Office at the Pasco NAS. Jack was behind the camera in this shot.


 -- A --

Joe Albi (Spokane) (Feb 23 '43)

Jack Blizzard (Feb 23 '43)

G. F. Bookter (Feb 16 '43)

Bobby Chapman [Boxing] (Mar 16 '43)


Joe DiMaggio (Mar 9 '43)

(Fr.) Arthur Dussault (Gonzaga) (Feb 16 '43)


Bob Elgin (Mar 9 '43)


(Seaman) Grace Frentiss [Bowling] (Mar 16 '43)

Leo Glassner [Bowling] (Feb 16 '43), (Mar 9 '43), (Mar 16 '43)

(Lt.) Greer (Feb 16 '43)

Bob Hornig (Feb 16 '43)

(Ensign) Tom Hunt [general] (Mar 16 '43)

Paul Irwin (Feb 16 '43 with a picture, too)

Paul Jackson (Feb 16 '43)

(Lieut.) R. E. Johnson [Ath Dept] (Mar 16 '43)

Al Jones (Feb 16 '43), (Mar 9 '43)

Bob Jones [Boxing] (Mar 16 '43)

U. E. Jones (Feb 16 '43)

Bob Kahle (Feb 16 '43)

(Seaman) Johnny Kinney (Mar 9 '43)

Geo. Kosmos (Feb 16 '43)

(Cadet) Floyd Kreiger [Boxing] (Mar 16 '43)

Kenesaw Landis (Mar 9 '43)

(Lieut.) W. W. McKalip [Ath Dir](Mar 9 '43), (Mar 16 '43),

Larry Nicholich [Boxing] (Mar 16 '43)

Pat Ryan [Boxing] (Mar 16 '43)

Rube Sandstrom (Feb 23 '43)

Harvey Storey (Feb 23 '43)

Louis Vitilich (Feb 16 '43)

Jack Webb (Feb 16 '43)

Al Weil (Mar 9 '43)

Hy Willers (Feb 16 '43)

Horace "Babe" Williams (Mar 9 '43)






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